Summer Video Game Releases have Something for Everyone.

It’s that time of year again: football season. The one thing all video game playing football fanatics look forward to is here, “Madden 16.”

EA Sports took training to the next level this year to cut out the time spent learning how the game works. Game mode now features training while you play so everything you learn is put in action and counts for your team as you build. There is a new feature called draft champions, which gives the player the option to create a fantasy football draft where he or she controls the game.

That’s not all “Madden 16” has to offer. The playmaker highlight reels have new player spotlights and new controls like quarterback mechanics and defense systems.

The opportunity to not only be a superstar player, but the owner of your team, is possible with the new franchise mode.

Overall EA’s main focus is to give the player the opportunity to build the football team that he or she would be a fan of and to make the game more personal.

If you are not a football fan but love horror movies, you now have the access to play the victim. “Until Dawn,” a PlayStation exclusive, is a game that takes place out in the mountains where the player is one of eight characters who are trapped fighting their biggest fears to survive. Every decision that is made in the game effects one of your friends, which means it could be life or death for one of you.

This next-gen horror puts the story in your hands, and no story is ever the same. An interactive storyline that you can play over and over again, as every player in the game amounts to eight different scenarios. Turn the lights down, volume up and let the realistic graphics pull you in as you do your best to survive.

To throw it back in time, “Mega Man,” a game that goes back to 1987, released on the NINTENDO Entertainment System and is now is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But it’s not just one game, it is the “Mega Man Legacy Collection.”

This game is exactly what it sounds like: a collection of different “Mega Man” games over the years. What many “Mega Man” fanatics love about this is there are no new graphics, layers or skins, just the same platforms with new challenges. This collection allows the player to appreciate the history of the game, the time spent as a child and a way to fulfill that nostalgia we all get thinking about our childhood, all in high definition of course.

This realistic remake of an old arcade game has its perks because you do not have to play for countless hours to win the game. You can save your place in each individual game without having to deal with the old password systems. “Mega Man Legacy Collection” is a great way to appreciate both the history and the growth of gaming as a whole.

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