Men’s soccer gives back

Paul Kwoyelo, a member of the Oswego State men’s soccer team was a member of a charity organization that helped bring athletic gear to those in need.

Kwoyelo, his teammates and head coach Robert Friske donated to Don Bosco Children and Life Mission’s efforts in Uganda. Kwoyelo grew up in Uganda and was in a similar situation seven years ago. Coach Friske was immensely supportive to Paul for giving back to his country.

“When you listen to the kids and want to help them out and they want to give back from where they came from, its motivating for me to make it happen with them,” Friske said.  He also talked about the importance of this charity to Kwoyelo.

“It means the world to him because it’s where he came from and for him to be able to help out his hometown and his grade school is fulfilling for him, but it’s also motivating for him to want and try to do more as well,” Friske said. He also spoke highly of Kwoyelo’s character throughout the whole process.

“It’s great, only a kid that is interested in it and mature and exceptional will be able to carry it through.”

The first thing Kwoyelo mentioned was how much he enjoyed working with the large number of kids in the charity,

“It was awesome, everyone cooperated.” Kwoyelo said. “I’ve been there myself and being in Africa and nothing going well. I was one of those kids and I received a package and it felt so great and cheered me up for years.”

He was able to come up with an idea to help out where he grew up, knowing that he received a donation when he was younger, and was in the same situation as those he is helping out now.

“This is not only a charity for me, this is a way to give back to people who helped to get where I am right now”.

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