This week in Student Association of SUNY Oswego

The Student Association held its 20th meeting of the academic year Tuesday evening. The number of senators needed to make quorum was satisfied.

The minutes from last meeting and the agenda for the current meeting were both approved.

There were no guests to the Senate.

In public comment, the Public Relations Coordinator of the Student Association Programming Board, Mikael Pelkey, addressed the Senate because she claimed that Section 222, Title III of the SA Code concerning SAPB was violated. Part B of this section includes the search committee for the board of directors for SAPB who, according to the code, must be present during the interview. These people include the current SA director of programming, who shall serve as chairperson of the search committee, the SA president, the SA president-elect, two active members of SAPB not seeking candidacy as SAPB executive board members, two SA senators, the adviser to SAPB and the SAPB Campus Life representative. According to Pelkey, she only met with three out of seven people listed in the code. This part of the code was violated.

She recently applied for the director of SAPB position. Pelkey also pointed out Part H P all nominations of SAPB must be confirmed by the SA Senate. She informed the Senate that this has also been violated because she met with the SA President Christopher Collins-McNeil on Thursday, April 9 for an interview and handed in her application. She received word that she did not receive the position on Monday, April 13, which is one day before the Senate has its meetings on Tuesday. She requested that another election should occur because of these violations. This comment was moved to the rules and judiciary committee for one week.

SA Vice President Emily Nassir informed the Senate that she meets with Dr. Jerri Drummond every Monday to talk about some of the improvements. For next year she would like to have SAPB representatives at their meetings. Nassir said that she would like some collaboration and communication between the two student-represented clubs.

Nassir reminded the Senate about the Student Involvement Awards next Tuesday at 4 p.m. Auxiliary Services will be serving food but because all the senators will be attending, the Senate agreed on having Mark’s Pizzeria pizza and Fajita Grill nachos for the Senate meeting directly after.

Nassir talked about trying to get more involvement from the incoming freshman class. The Senate discussed having pamphlets for orientation to make incoming students more aware of SA’s role in Oswego State. As far as promoting SA, the Senate also discussed including getting pens, glasses, draw string bags, cardholders and gloves for next year’s student involvement fair.

Collins-McNeil announced to the Senate that he hired sophomore Imani Cruz for next year’s SAPB director and he is aware that he is now being accused of violating the code as a result.

He updated the Senate on his most recent spring concert meeting April 10 with the concert promoter. According to Collins-McNeil, about 1,700 concert tickets were sold as of Tuesday and they are trying to sell more through advertising on local radio stations such as 107.9 and 103.9.

Collins-McNeil informed the Senate that he started to formulate job descriptions for the next year’s appointed directors.

He was told by the Senate there has been concern from some students that Big Sean’s lyrics are offensive and inappropriate in nature. Lisa Evaneski, Title IX coordinator, Justin Costello, SAPB concert director, and Collins-McNeil are discussing the possibility of an open panel to discuss some of the concerns with the spring concert or acknowledging them at the conversation with Oswego State President Deborah Stanley.

Elena Sanchez-Freeman, director of finance, announced that the budget will be discussed for approval next meeting. According to Sanchez-Freeman, the major change is students having to pay $2 in order to take a bus from Oswego to Syracuse.

In committee reports, Sen. Sarah Woods, rule and judiciary committee chair, opened a question to the Senate if they would like to add any ideas to the code that she will look into being able to include them. Nassir also proposed the idea of requiring a specific number of meetings that directors, SAPB representatives must attend. It was also mentioned including a sexual harassment section.

In special order, Tucker Sholtes, former SA president, was confirmed as president emeritus. The resolution was passed by the Senate by standing ovation.

In general orders, Vocal Effect, the Oswego State performance group, requested $785 to rent microphones for their spring showcase. The bill was passed by general consent.

SA meets every Tuesday at 6 p.m. in Lanigan 107. All meetings are open to the public.

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