Weekly EP Revue: Oh Honey’s lovely crooning

With summer supposedly approaching, light-hearted indie-pop tracks are sure to follow in the coming weeks. For Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter duo, Oh Honey, this could not be more true.

The folksy pair, who previously released two other EPs and plan to release one following their current one, has come back with their latest work titled “Wish You Were Here.” Like so many other groups similar to them, including Of Monsters and Men and The Lumineers, Oh Honey’s place within the music industry is easy to spot: catchier, upbeat hooks and strumming guitars.

On their lead single, “Sugar, You,” Oh Honey presents listeners with a track strikingly similar to Alex and Sierra’s style. Abundant with “heys” and “ho’s,” “Sugar, You” is an upbeat and thumping love song that is pleasant on the ears. Its pop-driven beat, paired with its warming tones will draw in fans of the sub-genre, while also not steering too far off the mainstream.

With “It Can’t Rain Forever,” Oh Honey gives listeners their strongest track off the EP. Its swaying melody and positive theme exude feelings of campfires and long sunny days. “It Can’t Rain Forever” exists in a space of content and echoing choruses; its communal and cozy tune is airy and sweet.

“A Thousand Times” showcases the pair’s talent for creating coffee shop tunes that don’t drag. The lovey-dovey vocals paired with simplistic beats are both enjoyable and homey. For Oh Honey, “A Thousand Times” is perhaps their greatest chance at mainstream success. Similar to the work by many successful indie-pop groups, the softness of “A Thousand Times,” Oh Honey ultimately does not attempt to find it’s place in a space of rawness and fiery beats; it instead focuses on keeping already existing embers bright.

“Compass” delves close toward a country track filled with nostalgia. Once again focusing on the barebones that they tilt toward, Oh Honey balances unique back-and-forth vocals with tingling instrumentals to create a sleepily rustic track. It will surely appeal to fans of the genre.

While other groups who are far more exciting and interesting to hear exist, Oh Honey finds themselves in an area of niche attractions. While not entirely original in content, the duo showcases a strong potential in creating an atmosphere of easy listening and enjoyable background noise. Their latest work, “Wish You Were Here,” should only continue their journey up the charts.


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