Finishing semester strong

With spring break behind us, many students are now shifting gears as if the semester is wrapping up in the next couple weeks.

It is easy to fall under this influence because of how Thanksgiving break is set up during the fall semester. After this past Thanksgiving break, there were only two weeks of the semester left, allowing students to settle down with a less stressful workload.

Contrary to the fall semester, after spring break concludes there are around seven weeks remaining, something students need to realize.

A lot can happen in those seven weeks that don’t happen before the fall semester concludes. This can include group projects, obligations involving school clubs and jobs, not to mention finals.

Not only have we just come back from a week-long break, but the weather is also beginning to warm up, something that Oswego State students don’t see a lot of. This has the potential to cause a majority to skip class more frequently, which may snowball into not getting work completed on time or at all.

The reality is the semester is only half way over and staying in the right frame of mind is key to finishing the school year successfully.  Time management and being able to balance work, school, clubs, friends and the excitement of spring can be tough to deal with.

It is easy to say that school takes top priority in a student’s life. The same goes for having the courage to say no to friends who may want to hang out; however, friends can be persuasive and draw students away from completing work that needs to be done.

It is important to figure out what is important early on before it is too late. Responding well to priorities during college can help later on in life, which can create a bigger drive, leading to more success in general.

Prevailing over temptations that friends or springtime introduce may be difficult to begin with, but once a student develops solid study habits and moves past those initial enticements, the end result will more than likely be positive and will leave them feeling accomplished.

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