Weekly EP Revue: Genevieve shows her colors

In a time when indie-pop might as well be known simply as pop, many female artists have found their place. Individualistic and bold singers such as Lorde and the ladies of HAIM have all found themselves among some of music’s biggest pop divas ranging from Britney Spears to Katy Perry. As these genre lines continue to blur, many newer artists are attempting to find their place on the spectrum.

Genevieve Schatz, known simply as Genevieve, is one of these musicians. Both pop and indie, the former Company of Thieves front woman is nothing short of creative. With memorable, danceable hooks, paired with star vocal stylings, Genevieve’s debut EP “Show Your Colors,” is a slick, borderline mainstream compilation of soul-searching tunes and self-finding musical experimentation.

The debut single off the EP is “Colors.” Resembling Charli XCX in rawness and beat, this synth-heavy track dips into Top 40 constructions just enough to draw in mass appeal. With sugary lyrics and upbeat tempos, “Colors,” is entertaining and light-hearted.

“My Real Name” is one of the fieriest tracks off Genevieve’s EP. Like an actual flame, each moment of “My Real Name” grows. Its climactic and rambunctious ending is one that will satisfy listeners and critics alike. Exuding confidence and emotional runs, Genevieve’s triumphant track works well.

Just when Genevieve seems to make the move toward pop-based fundamentalism, she utilizes her talents for the sonically peculiar with “Human Again.” With experimentation similar to the works of Kerli and Björk, “Human Again” is a drawing track filled with talent and potential. Its moving message added dimensions to the EP, and artful use of instrumentals is atmospheric and starry.

On “For You,” Genevieve presents a somber, raw ballad that will absorb listeners. It is a rare moment of noticeable, probable stardom.  Like what Banks’ “You Should Know Where I’m Coming From” did for her album, Genevieve’s “For You” acts similar in that it creates an added, and welcome perspective to a piece filled with very different beats.

While Genevieve may never experience the same type of heightened exposure and fame of artists like Marina and The Diamonds, her work deserves some recognition for its ability to further blur the lines of singular-genre music. “Show Your Colors” is a positive start in the right direction. With pieces of synthetic-electronic, pop and singer-songwriter genre-like beats, Genevieve’s culmination of talents becomes visible.


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