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The Student Association held its 17th meeting of the academic year Tuesday evening. The number of senators needed to make quorum was satisfied.

Two new students, Kaitlin O’Connor and Aleyah Johnson were sworn in as senators and took the oath of office on the SA constitution. The minutes from last meeting and the agenda for the current meeting were both approved.

There were two guests to the Senate. Barbara Shaffer, the coordinator of reference services in Penfield Library, spoke to the Senate about a five-year strategic plan to update the library concerning technology, services and resources. She asked the Senate if they had any ideas about updates they would make. The Senate offered suggestions such as later library times, eco-friendly water dispensers and more outlets and tablets being available for students to check out. Shaffer wants to get students involved in committees to further plan the improvements to Penfield Library.

Lisa Evaneski, the Title IX coordinator, informed the Senate about the ins and outs of Title IX, the Clery act and VAWA, all concerning the policies on sexual assault. She explained the resources on campus and the definition of affirmative consent. The Senate also asked Evaneski questions concerning the discloser of cases to the rest of the campus. Evaneski said the campus is notified if the administration feels there is any danger to the rest of the campus community. She also mentioned how the administration considered the victum’s confidentiality and that the administration does whatever they can to help the victim. Evaneski encouraged the senators to understand and inform people about what Oswego State’s policy is on sexual assault. She also shared that there is more information for students on the website.

In public comment, Emily Nassir, current senator and vice presidential candidate spoke to the Senate about the points she is running on, the improvements and changes she wants to make and took any questions from her fellow senators.

In executive reports, Tucker Sholtes, president of SA, informed the Senate that there has already been 650 tickets sold for the spring concert and that they are still working out what will be happening during the day as a part of Ozfest. He also mentioned they are looking for student volunteers to help with the setup of the concert, although they did not yet come up with the number of students they need to help with the concert.

Sholtes reminded the Senate of the Lead Conference coming up on the weekend of April 10. He also said the “Conversation with President Stanley,” last Monday had a decent turnout for the first time for this event. According to Sholtes, President Stanley wants to host similar events once every semester and is looking to see how to improve the way it is run. He also informed the senate he is working with WTOP-10 on their upgrade to high definition.

Jillian Kranz, SA vice president, was disappointed in the senators for their lack of participation at the Conversation with President Stanley event when only three out of the 16 senators showed up and spoke. Kranz said all senators should have been there, and that they are supposed to be fixing problems on campus. If they aren’t there to hear what students’ problems are then senators are letting the students down. She stressed her overall disappointment with the senators because of the lack of motivation to volunteer for tabling or writing bills.

Kranz reminded the Senate that the election is this week until Tuesday at 6 p.m. they already received more of a voter turnout than last year.

Elena Sanchez-Freeman, SA director of finance, informed the Senate that the budget council met three times this week for about two hours each time.

SA apparel order forms were collected by Ryan Hopf, Sholtes’ chief of staff. There were no special or general orders.

In new legislation, the bill for the Clay Bodies Ceramic Art Conference was discussed to provide the Clay Bodies club with funding to attend a conference in order to meet professionals and bring back new techniques to students interested in joining Clay Bodies. They requested $537.50. The bill was passed by general consent.

The African Student Organization Child Exploitation Awareness Bill was discussed in order to fund ASO with the money to purchase 125 t-shirts to hand out for free in the Marano Campus Center on March 26 to provide awareness of child exploitation. They requested $565.00. The bill was passed by general consent.

SA meets every Tuesday at 6 p.m. in Lanigan 102. All meetings are open to the public.

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