Weekly Campus Recreation Report

Intramurals continued this week as the broomball tournament heads toward the finals.

This past week, the broomball tournament moved into its quarterfinal and semifinal rounds. Tension was high, as all the teams vied for a place in the finals.

In the men’s broomball quarterfinals, Stu- dio 69 beat Your M & M, 3-1. Then, in three narrow victories, Snipe Chirp Cele beat Anne Frank’s Army Tanks, 1-0, The Icebrawlers topped Zee Flying Doootchmen, 1-0, and Stop n Dump beat The Tallmans, 2-1.

During the semifinals, Zee Flying Doootch- men beat Studio 69, 1-0, to advance into the finals. Snipe Chirp Cele beat the Icebrawlers, 3-1. Stop n Dump beat Anne Frank’s Army Tanks, 1-0.

In co-rec broomball, The Crimson Panthers beat Broom Goes the Dynamite, 3-1. Ballghazi beat the Dustpans, 2-0, to move into the semi- finals. However, later in the week, Ballghazi lost to Sonic Broom, 1-0. The Iceholes moved into the finals when they beat the Fresh Prince of Briere, 1-0. The Iceholes beat Sonic Broom on Sunday, 1-0.

In co-rec soccer Keating’s Krew beat The Soccer Team, 3-1. The Fat and the Furious beat Big Johnson Alum, 13-2, with Nick Blakeslee scoring six of his team’s goals. The Art of Foot Fairy beat The Expert Ball Touchers, 12-4.

In men’s competitive soccer, The Bhoys dominated Secret Fire, 12-4. John Mackie and Danny Messmann each earned a hat trick for The Bhoys. Skillz that Killz beat Balls Deep, 10-4, while S.O.D.M.G and We Always Finish tied.

In co-rec competitive soccer, the Ball Bust- ers beat Balls Deep, 8-4, with Thomas Braun scoring five of his team’s goals. The Rec Squad beat Covered in Kaka, 6-2, with Michael Hol- lowell scoring three of the team’s goals. Nikki and the Trackies beat Covered in Kaka, 7-2.

In men’s competitive soccer, Shatta Movemment beat Generic Team Name, 7-2. The Dead Presidents beat Ozraq, 8-4, with Dylan LaBadia and Daniel Shanker each scor- ing three goals. Generic Team Name beat the Dead Presidents, 3-2.

In men’s recreational soccer, SAE and The Homies tied. The Unethical Screamers beat RAMROD, 6-0. The Average Joes beat the Ty- rant Saucy Slimjims, 11-3.

In co-rec competitive volleyball this week, Practice Safe Sets beat Kiss my Ace two sets to one in a series of close games. In the first game, Practice Safe Sets beat Kiss my Ace, 25-22. Then, in the second game, Kiss My Ace came back to win the set, 25-20. However, in the fi- nal game, Kiss my Ace fell to Practice Safe Sets, 25-21. This gave Practice Safe Sets the match and a victory.

Co-rec 2015 Champions beat Prepare to be fisted, three sets to none. The Repeates beat #freecaleb, three sets to none. Beavis & Bump- Head beat Block Magic, two sets to one. Balls Deep beat Team Ferranti, two sets to one. Gab Likes to Get Bumped beat Kiss My Ace, three sets to none.

In co-rec volleyball, Setting Ducks beat Beau-man Group, two sets to one. Protected Sets beat Beau-man Group, two sets to one. In two blowout games, Kiss My Ace Too beat SameSameButDifferent, three sets to none, and the SWAT Team beat Set Experts, three sets to none.

In men’s volleyball, Guys Being Dudes beat T Burglars, two sets to one, and Big Johnson Alum beat the T Burglars, three sets to none.

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