Let your hair show person you wish to be

Someone once told me “Life’s too short to have boring hair.” I think this is true because when you meet another person, one of the first things you notice about him or her is their hair. Especially if it is a bit different from the norm we see on many people’s heads. I guess I could consider myself sort of in that category, because I have curly hair.

The photo of me attached to this article might not show it, but if I let my hair grow out, it can evolve to a full-out afro. I even use an afro pick every morning before I leave for my day, because I just think it looks better after it is picked out.

Now, you might think, “Why does this matter?” “Why would I care what you do with your hair, Matt?” Well, let me tell you. I think my passion for what I do with my hair is my way of expressing myself, and I think it is something we can all use as a way to show people how we feel about ourselves.

As college students, we have a lot of freedom, but there are these “social norms” that we are supposed to follow as well. If one dresses, looks or even acts different, they are seen as “weird.” But, who is to say what is normal? Is it just something that has been planted in our minds and if we divert from that path of normalcy, could we be seen as an outcast? Most would say ”no,” but have you ever laughed, or pointed out to one of your friends when you see someone or something that looks different from what we usually see? That’s what I thought.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a criminal of this as well. I have on many occasions made fun of someone who looks or acts differently. I am not perfect, but I think as the years have gone on, I have learned that we all are our own person. Who we want to be should not be up to anyone else but ourselves.

This is where I bring it back to hair. I see my hair as a way to express my individuality. When I was younger, I hated it. The kids in preschool thought I was a girl because of my light brown curly locks and it led me to beg my mother to take me for a haircut every three weeks and get a buzz cut because I didn’t want to be seen as different. But as I have grown up, I see it makes me who I am and no amount of curly-headed… fill in the blank, or other harsh words I receive could ever change that.

So my words of wisdom are to not be afraid of acting or wearing certain clothes, or even having a certain hairstyle, whether it be changing the color of it or how it looks.How one wants to express oneself is up to them and no one should stop them from it. If you like having green hair, cool. If you want to shave your head, awesome. Even if you like having a regular short haircut, that’s fine too. Meanwhile, I will be busy picking my hair.

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