Skipping classes can turn into failing out of college

The early mornings and late nights are a constant struggle among college students. It can be tiresome and painfully draining to get through the week.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that skipping class is the way to go about catching up on sleep. It is easy to skip class. Parents are no longer telling you to get up and get ready for school. It is now our responsibility as young adults to realize the importance of school and attending classes. Skipping classes is becoming a serious problem for our generation now that nearly 45 percent of 2 million college students aren’t graduating because of not attending classes according to studies done by class 120, as reported on by news outlets including NBC and CBS news.

Skipping class has never been an option for me. I know that if I didn’t attend class there would be no way for me to fully comprehend the material being taught. There are obvious reasons that college students might skip out on a class or two. Drinking and partying can steer us toward this mindset of, “It’s only one day of classes.” However, when one day becomes one day a week, we find ourselves in trouble.

It is hard to want to do well when you are not interested. Therefore, students believe he or she can learn the material on his or her own without a professor. Though I agree some teachers are not meant to teach, no matter how brilliant they are, I do think that it is our responsibility to attend class.

It is not our job to decide if a professor is a teacher or professional researcher. It is our responsibility to learn and graduate with the highest amount of knowledge possible. I do acknowledge the fact that not all college students see it this way. College becomes a form of survival of the fittest. To survive you need to work hard and attend class.

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