This Week’s Horoscopes

With a disruptive vibe settling in, you may need to watch out when it comes to over-estimating results and outcomes. A tendency to assume the absolute best could have you missing out on a subtle gains.

You may notice the slower pace, whether you’re working or not. It’s going to be a week where you may need to defer from creativity in order to follow a more routine course of action. It’s best to focus on the end results rather than on innovativeness.

A shift in your attitude could have you going off in the wrong direction. You may be inclined to react without thinking through the various risks. Snap decisions may appear easy, but you’re likely to keep changing your mind thereafter. Progress might be difficult this week.

If yesterday you put your foot down and got the results you wanted, then today is a day to move on from that point. It might not always be in your best interest to be over accommodating, but this week you may actually benefit from such an approach. Acknowledge the progress you’ve made.

You should be able to enjoy a major success at work or school, thanks to your naturally sharp communication skills, as long as you don’t try to take on too much. Take a breather during the morning to accurately assess what you can do without overstretching it.

A break from routine is what you’ll want, and there’s a good chance an attractive suggestion might turn up. You’ll also be in demand to offset the rather dull vibes on the work front; someone will be looking to you to liven up the atmosphere.

A short journey could bring around surprise. Get togethers with friends will be much more fun than your original plans for the weekend. Your finances are looking good, so you can afford to be a little impulsive, even if you haven’t planned anything definite right now.

It’s a day to muddle through. There is a great deal of determination in certain key areas of your life, but not in others. This may leave you feeling a little let down, since you’ll be able to deal with some circumstances, while the easier things may well be harder than you thought.

Dry characteristics could have an impact on emotional and romantic matters. You will need to make sure you are clear in what you’re saying. Dropping ambiguous hints is unlikely to work, as there is a distinct likelihood of a misinterpretation, which can be avoided.

There’s a definite vibe slowing you down, which will become apparent as it starts to impact your energy levels from the start. You may be thinking seriously about getting things done, but moving forward might be difficult. You’ll need extra effort if you want to move forward.

There is a possible bit of good luck, which could be connected to your finances. The connection may well be indirect, but this will serve as a good time to look at your current money arrangements. A few small changes could lead to some major improvements overall.|

There may be a slight tendency to revisit and go over a fairly recent conversation. If this is connected to a romantic matter then it might not be the best day to address all the variables since the timing may be out of synch. A slight sense of confusion may be the real antagonist.


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