This Week’s Horoscopes

It’s a day to maintain a reliable image, influences suggest that you are not going to support over sensitive decisions. Avoid acting on impulse when it comes to important work matters. You may be inclined to attach too much importance to one specific matter, stay grounded.

Some incoming news has the potential to be a little troubling but will also be rather useful too. That said; a desire to secure immediate results may well obstruct your determinations in the long run. Your best approach is to react to the news slowly and logically.
It is important to remember common sense when related to practical and material matters. It’s a day to tackle routine duties and tasks. There’s a highly energetic vibe you are feeling which will keep the momentum going. An offer of support should be regarded as a generous extra.
A distracting aspect is likely to affect your concentration and your focus. It might be time for a break, which will make for a less than easy day. However, even if it feels like nothing seems to go right, there will be something that should empower you to hit something on key in the end.
There’s a touch of sensitivity in the air, but this may be no bad thing, you will gain plenty of objectivity. It appears to be an excellent planning and preparation kind of day. If there are lasting problems from last week or issues rising, now would be a good time to address them.

You will need to be receptive to the incoming information today. As much as it goes against your basic nature to limit yourself to the ordinary, this is definitely not the day to apply or test out new methods or strategies. Stick with the tried and tested, more will get accomplished.
Your cash flow might not be a problem per say, but a string of time-consuming influences suggest that spending-sprees will only result in dissatisfaction. It’s more than likely that you won’t be able to find what you’re looking for, or that you’ll feel or settle for second best.

It will be a great day to pay attention to your relationships. Write letters, make calls and send emails, and arrange a day with your close friends. Try not to forget anyone, because it’s possible that there is one person who’s waiting to hear from you over everyone else.

A need to liven the day could distract you from your consistent routine. Whether it’s a piece of gossip that fires your interest or a spark of knowledge that catches your appetite. Just remember that you need to honor ongoing responsibilities and commitments before other things.
If the morning brings a minor headache, then the evening will bring a touch of romance. Fraught influences will give way to loving ones. In the interim, if you accept that you cannot do everything and be everywhere, you will have an easier time. A touch of humor will help you.

Given a rather unpredictable and fiery vibe you may be better off adopting a more cautious attitude, especially when it comes to potential relationships. It is possible that a new development and exchange may turn out to be nothing. Don’t rush in and don’t assume anything.

It is a day where you are likely to get a chance to put a recent roadblock back into perception, thanks to a corrective influence. Be more supportive and less judgmental. It’s also seems to be day where sensible actions could  and might give way to unintended but useful discoveries.

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