Campus Rec Report

The Campus Recreation intramurals basketball leagues continued through last week.

On Monday night, an intense game played out between Thirsty Turtles and Late Bloomers in the co-rec competitive league.

In the beginning of the game, both teams battled back and forth for the lead. Late Bloomers started to gain control toward the end of the second quarter, 29-23. However, Thirsty Turtles took off strong in the second half and came back with a 45-36 lead.

Late Bloomers climbed its way back up, putting the pressure on Thirsty Turtles. With 30 seconds on the clock, the score was 50-49 with Thirsty Turtles in the lead. Jahmeer Rollins of Thirsty Turtles contributed two points on free throws. A member of Late Bloomers scored a basket to bring the score to 52-51. Jahmeer added another free throw to bring the score to 53-51. With less than five seconds left, Thirsty Turtles was able to hinder Late Bloomers from scoring any baskets, which led to their win.

Ryan Dadey of Late Bloomers and Jahmeer Rollins were the game’s standout players.

Of the 10 teams in the co-rec competitive league, Thirsty Turtles is the No. 1 team with an undefeated record, followed by The Globe Thotters and Late Bloomers, who are currently tied as the No. 2 team in regular season play.

Twenty-five teams are participating in the men’s competitive basketball league. Last Wednesday night, Monstars took on Trotters of the Globe. The game was very aggressive overall, and toward the end the heat picked up. With one minute on the clock, the score was tied, 48-48. Both teams scored a basket, sending the game into overtime.

Billy Mann of Trotters of the Globe made a basket, followed by Mike Marshall and Matthew Kurdziel of Monstars with two points each from free throws. Brendan McKeon of

Trotters of the Globe finished off the game with a 3-pointer, grabbing the victory, 55-54.

In the men’s recreational basketball league, Caucasian Invasion and 7-11 are in the lead with 4-0 records, followed by Average Joes and OsweKobians. The regular season has ended, bringing eight teams into the playoffs that start Nov. 19.

Also, the dodge ball tournament took place Nov. 8 from 1 to 5 p.m. in Laker Hall. The event was co-sponsored by Campus Recreation, Residence Life and Housing & Athletics. The tournament was double elimination.

Flying Monkies was a strong competitor, having dominated The Abusement Park, 4-0, and defeating 1st Alley Cat, 4-2.

Coming into the finals of the bracket, the team lost 4-2 to Troop 417, which placed them in the loser’s bracket to face off against Big Champs. The double elimination allowed the team the chance for redemption as it won, 4-0.

The win against Big Champs brought Flying Monkies full circle and back into the finalsto play Troop 417 once again. However, Troop 417 was not going down without a fight. The team breezed through the competition, defeating Matt’s A Cupcake and Sex Panthers, 4-1, before sending Flying Monkies to the loser’s bracket.

The dodgeball tournament finals will play out between Flying Monkies and Troop 417 on Saturday in Laker Hall during halftime of the men’s varsity basketball team. The basketball game starts at 8:30 p.m.

Upcoming Campus Recreation events include the racquetball and the indoor volleyball tournament.

For more information about Campus Recreation programs, building and pool hours, visit or call Lee Hall at (315) 312-3114.

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