Vote in midterm elections

It is time for the midterm elections on Tuesday and registered voters must head out to have their voices heard.

Voters will often refrain from heading to the polls in years where there is no presidential election.  According to the Pew Research Center, 37 percent of the voting-age population actually voted in the 2010-midterm elections. Compare that to the 2012 elections where President Barack Obama was re-elected and 54 percent of the voting-age population voted.

This is not just a problem that has come about in recent years either. Pew Research tracks back to 1948 where the presidential election had a 51 percent turnout. The following midterm elections had a 41 percent turnout rate.

Some voters may not think their votes mean much, but midterms are the time to elect national lawmakers to Congress. We may not be electing a senator this year, but there are 27 races for seats in the House of Representatives. Even if you are not voting in Oswego County there is a race for a seat in Washington D.C. for wherever you are registered to vote. The governorship is also on the ballot, along with the attorney general and state comptroller.

Not to mention, some state legislators are up for election across the state. There are also three propositions on the ballot for New York voters. The first one is to revise the state’s redistricting procedure, something meant to avoid gerrymandering. At first glance, voters may think this sounds like a good idea, but the major difference is  the redistricting goes to a third party panel hand picked by both parties. If legislators do not like the lines drawn at the end of the process, then they can draw them on their own, basically bringing things back to how they are now. The second proposal aims to allow legislators to distribute bills electronically. The current state regulations require bills to be printed before they can be voted on. The third proposal would provide about $2 billion in borrowed funds to provide for schools. This would allow the state to provide new technology in classrooms across the state.

There are plenty of reasons to get out and vote on Tuesday. If you want your voice heard, do not wait until the next presidential election to do so. Do some research on the races, proposals and candidates, and get out there and vote.

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    As an Independent I personally think that the majority of both parties stink, but I do trust the splintering millions who belong to the TEA PARTY. I also do believe that Voter Fraud is not a myth and the biggest violators are the Liberal-Democrats.

    The national Press influenced by the Democrats will keep this low profile or prefer to ignore it even though it is a major issue that damages our election integrity? The Democrats will do anything to win, even to cheating the system. Unethical advocates will drive from one country to another, to one precinct to another or even in a close state, voting over and over again? Then there was ACORN that signed up just about anybody, offering a small amount of money. However they were eventually caught, but have adapted to another bogus organization?

    The pro-amnesty Hispanic activist organization the National Council of La Raza helpfully promoted a Washington Post article explaining which states people can vote in without having to use a photo ID. – See more at: If that doesn’t make the average person suspicious—what will?

    Every prudent American should carefully scrutinize the thousands of electronic voting machines scattered around the country in the election hall. Complaints that were warranted is the fact that if you are voting for a Republican it transfers your vote to a Democrat, with excuses that it was an error when it was calibrated. But this has been happening more and more so stand and watch that your precious vote is correct. It happened in Maryland and Illinois, so be vigilant and make sure your vote goes to your selected politician or approved issue.

    “Vote flipping” is the phrase given when a vote flips from one candidate or party selected to the other. In these cases, the Republican option flipped to the Democratic one. The cause of the issue of Republican votes turning blue is said to be a “calibration issue,” but Illinois is not the only state experiencing these early voting issues. According to WBALTV, complaints of “vote flipping” are plaguing several counties in Maryland.

    The Daily Caller E-media publicized an avenue to expose Voter Fraud, by contacting ‘True the Vote’, one of the conservative groups that was singled out by the IRS in the tax-exempt targeting scandal prior to the Presidential election that is launching a new app to make voter fraud easier to report.

    The app, called VoteStand, allows users a quickly and easily report suspicious activity. The app will be released for iOS and Android on Nov. 1.
    According to the app’s website, the VoteStand is “America’s first. Online election fraud reporting app. VoteStand provides you the online tools and support you need to quickly report suspected election illegalities as they happen.”

    The features of VoteStand, according to its website, are:

    VoteStand uses a high level encryption, inside the app allowing information to get to the right people to make reporting voter fraud easily. Count on us to provide you with the best reporting tool around.

    The app uses your geo-location and the user filled report in order to provide enough evidence to procure legal action against the person/persons committing the fraud.

    After an easy sign up, the app is ready to use and report all visual evidence of voter fraud. The processes are as easy as taking a picture and filling out some identifying information about the incident. That’s it!

    Voter Fraud is more prevalent than most American think. Our election laws have been compromised as in a study by Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES) shows what many Americans are aware of Obama and the Executive know—illegal aliens have been voting. Yes, they recognize it is illegal—but being in this country without documents is also illegal. More than 14 percent of non-citizens in both the 2008 and 2010 samples indicated that they were registered to vote. One has to wonder what the percentage is in 2014.

    The Declaration of Perjury is lame, and instead should have some teeth in it? Perhaps on a conviction for a non-citizen, should be sentenced to Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Tent City in Maricopa County, Arizona with the feds paying the bill. Even the new Colorado absentee ballot was compromised almost immediately. Democrats are the biggest culprits and look the other way on any irregularities. Without any fear of contradiction California having the largest populations of illegal aliens and a crazy Governor Jerry Brown who welcomes criminal nationals in his Sanctuary state has no requirement of a picture ID to vote. Therefore, how can a Californian truly knows that their vote count when the whole system is has been undermined by people who have no right to be in this sovereign country.

    If you believe that you are a victim of election fraud or have witnessed a criminal violation of the Elections Codes for an example you may use the Election Voter Complaint Form to report the violation to any Secretary of State office of a specific state. It’s best not to approach anybody in the voter precinct as they might be affiliated with a political party and the complaint will be mislaid and never reach the authorities.

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