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Billy Reese of The Guild swinging at a pitch in the competitive softball league game against ZBT.  (Photo provided by Campus Recreation)
Billy Reese of The Guild swinging at a pitch in the competitive softball league game against ZBT. (Photo provided by Campus Recreation)

The intramural leagues for softball and soccer regular season play continued last week.

In the men’s competitive softball league, Backdoor Sliders was dominated by Angels in the Troutfield and Phi Tau, with more than 11 runs separating the teams in both games. Masterbatters defeated The Biogenesis Clinic by a run,12-11.

The level of play did not go down as the week went on. Honey Nut Ichiros 2.0 claimed a 24-4 victory over ZBT and Team Phoenix triumphed over Sons of Pitches in their game, 14-3, in addition, The Guild won 19-2 in a landslide against ZBT.  WTOP and Athletes brought the heat in their game against Balls Deep, winning, 19-4.

The softball league playoffs began on Monday. In the semifinals of the men’s competitive league, The Guild defeated Team Phoenix in an intense battle for the win 19-12.  Tanner Stewart of The Guild was a standout player, hitting a triple with bases loaded to bring in three runs during a crucial point of the game in the third inning. The Guild advances to the finals, where it will face off against the winner of the game between AEPi and Sons of Pitches.

In the co-rec competitive league, The Tides will challenge Balls Deep in the semifinals. The winner will move on to play WTOP and Athletes in the finals.

In the co-rec recreational soccer league last week, Balls of Fury was defeated by The Fat and the Furious 6-1, with goals scored by John Dromms, Erica Eiche, Tyler Wilcha and Michael Natale.

“I think my team dominated because we all have played soccer for most of our lives and have all been playing on the same team for the past 4 years,” said Emily Markstein, captain of The Fat and the Furious. “We won the championship last year, and I hope to win again.”

Fake Madrid grinded out a 1-0 victory over Multiple Scorgasms, with Andrew Malaney, who scoring the only goal of the game.  The Fat and the Furious shutout Soccer Squad, 3-0, with two goals were scored by Tyler Wilcha and one by Michael Natale.

Skillz That Killz defeated N.W.H., 8-2. The team was led by Jose Ayala and Dylan LaBadia, who both scored three goals. Soccer Squad shutout Pelvic Sorcery. 9-0. Elliot Altland and Tamoy Coke led their team with three goals each.

In the men’s recreational soccer league, Average Joes shutout Team Orlik, 6-0. Pat Russo and Kegan Storjohann both scored two goals for Average Joes.

In the men’s competitive soccer league, Dead Presidents shutout game against ZBT, 5-0.  Goals were contributed by Christian Damico, Dylan Labadia and Deion Smith. Sons of Jeffery shutout Shatta Movement, 2-0. Goals were scored by Brandon Comden and Samuel Moores.

The outdoor soccer league playoffs also began this week. In the co-rec recreational league on Monday, Fake Madrid had a double header in which it picked up two wins.  After defeating Skillz That Killz 2-1, Fake Madrid was hoping to continue their success against Soccer Squad. Both teams played equally aggressive, which left them at a standstill at the end of the first half. Shortly into the second half, Elizabeth Walsh of Fake Madrid scored with an assist from Josh Stuper. The team was able to keep Soccer Squad from scoring the remainder of the game, which led them to the 1-0 victory. Kyleigh Kinney, junior on the women’s club soccer team, was a standout player in the game.

“We had a lot of fun,” Kinney said. “We play well together as a team, which is why I think we’ve won almost all our games in the league so far.”

Currently, Fake Madrid is the only undefeated team in the co-rec recreational league, with a record of 5-0, followed by The Fat and the Furious and Impractical Foot Fairies tied for second place. Playoffs will conclude Oct. 15.

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