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The Student Association held their first weekly meeting of the semester Tuesday evening. Twelve senators were present for the meeting, nine returning from last year and three brand new.

All senators took the SA oath and were sworn in, followed by senator and director introductions. SA Vice President Neely Laufer, who serves as president of the senate, introduced herself as well.

There were two guests to the senate at the meeting. Lewis Lenard proposed the revival of the campus linguistics club, which has been inactive since 2012. Lenard said that the club would be open to all majors, have debates on global issues regarding languages, and would feature various guest speakers. Neither a decision nor referral was made on Lenard’s proposal because there was not an estimated cost amounted.

“If you want to have a speaker, we need an actual dollar amount,” Christopher Collins-McNeil, interim director of Civic Engagement, said. “You know, we can’t just hand out a thousand dollars, of course.”

The other guest to the senate was senior Max Luttenger, a representative of the college’s membership of DECA, an international association of high school and college students that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. Luttenger proposed funding for a program the organization has called “How to Get a Job.” This would include three guest speakers which are field professionals, including a recruiting analyst from Capital One and a chief financial officer of Terri Restaurants. DECA is asking for $900 to fund catering for the event. Luttenger also asked for funding for the group to attend the Collegiate Leadership Academy conference, held annually in New York City. He said the conference would give members exposure to recruiters. Luttenger also requested funding to attend the International Career Development Conference, which is held annually in a different city. This year, the conference is in Orlando, Fla. The estimated cost for members to attend both conferences is $5,050.

There were no public comments.

In executive reports, SA President Tucker Sholtes spoke to the senate and reported that he held pre-semester training for the interim directors and noted the confusion among students and bus drivers in the stickers on identification cards when using the Centro buses.

“If anyone is having problems with that, we sincerely apologize for that,” Sholtes said.

SA ran unknowingly $20,000 “in the red” last year on its contractual agreement with Centro for the 2013-2014 academic year. Originally, any Oswego State undergraduate who showed a school ID could ride the bus to Syracuse and downtown for free Thursday through Sunday, as these students pay the $97 SA fee. However, faculty and graduate students, who don’t pay an SA fee, were getting free rides, so SA used the transportation fee sticker to prevent these free rides to those who don’t pay the fee. In the conclusion, Sholtes said, Centro drivers started asking everyone for stickers. Sholtes said he plans on setting up a campus announcement email that explains the role of the stickers.

Sholtes said he plans on walking into town and physically meeting and talking to business owners to strengthen the relationship between SA and the city of Oswego.

Sholtes added that he plans on establishing an off-campus website for students who are renting property off campus. It would be interactive and could narrow down specific searches, such as apartments that allow pets. Sholtes said it would put pressure on landlords to provide better housing for students.

For the first time ever, Oswego State will be hosting the SUNYSA Assembly on Nov. 7 to 9. About 40 members of SA from each SUNY school attending will be coming to that event.

President Sholtes talked exclusively about an event that he called “unprecedented” for Oswego State. He has been meeting with Oswego State President Deborah Stanley to make plans for a huge event to combat Bridge Street Run. On the same day, Sholtes said, SA would dip into its reserves and use $150,000 to fund a huge concert with big names, as well as moving the events of May Day to that day as well.

“We actually have too much money in our reserves,” Sholtes said.

The normal events of May Day would be free, though the concert would cost students a small amount, for which the profit would be recycled for the next year to keep that event going. Students would also have a 3-week advance ticket. Sholtes said that an outside security agency, with the assistance of University Police, would have to be brought in to maintain a secure atmosphere, rather than relying on the members of the Student Association Programming Board.

Elena Sánchez, the new director of finance, spoke to the senate about the attendees to the club and organization president and treasurer training on Sept. 20. She reported that 162 people came, which is about 70 percent of the campus presidents and treasurers. She said that she was happy about the two representatives that came for extra funding this week and said there are at the moment, six more representatives that had contacted her and are planning to ask for extra funding.

No other directors gave reports because they have not been confirmed of their positions by the senate at this time.

The senate then elected the new chairs of the committees. Sophomore Jillian Kranz, who served as the chair of the finance committee last year after Laufer became vice president, was elected to the chair unanimously. Sophomore Shantol Williams was elected unanimously to become chair of the student involvement committee. Sophomore Tyler Jodeit was elected unanimously to become chair of the finance committee.

The interim directors then introduced themselves fully to the senate. Ryan Hoff is the chief of staff; Jordan Dedrick is the assistant director of on-campus housing; Sarah Fessler is the administrator of public relations; Christopher Collins-McNeil is the director of civic engagement; Justin Bently is the director of multicultural affairs and Kate Cardone is the assistant director of graphic design.

There were no special orders or general orders.

There were no senator issues.

The SA senate meets every Tuesday at 6 p.m. in Lanigan 102 and all meetings are open to the public.

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