Aries: You may be feeling down early in the week, but by the time Wednesday rolls around, your mood will be up again. You have a good feeling about the weekend, but be cautious. A carefree attitude will do you no good.

Taurus: Brace yourself, Taurus, because this week is going to be weird. People you normally interact with might be acting differently, and you may just get the feeling that things are not quite right. Some déjà vu may be heading your way. Just try not to be alarmed.

Gemini:  This is a week for romance, Gemini. Take that special someone to a place they love. It can be simple, and that’ll be enough. Enjoy good conversation and remember to listen. Your love life will thank you later.

Cancer: Family is on your mind lately, and for good reason. Take some time out to spend with them. If it has seemed like there isn’t enough time, maybe you need to rethink your schedule and open up a time to spend with those important people.

Leo: Don’t let your ego take over this weekend. It’s not cute and those around you find it a turn off. Play it cool and try not to dominate the conversation. People will notice and they’ll be happy you did.

Virgo: Break out of your shell and do something bold this week. Your energy is high now and it’s time to take advantage. When the right timing mixes with the right people, the results will astound you.

Libra: Work is really piling up lately. Don’t forget to balance it with social responsibilities. You’ll also need an inner balance to feel at peace. Don’t neglect yourself and your needs. You need to make yourself happy first.

Scorpio: This week is going to be rough, Scorpio, so brace yourself. Your brazen attitude is not going to make things any better, so try to lay low and let problems work themselves out. By the end of the week things will turn around.

Sagittarius: Don’t be afraid to take a chance this week.  That special person you’ve had your eye on won’t be there forever. Brush off that social anxiety and do the unexpected. You may be surprised at the outcome.

Capricorn: Money is tight. Your latest business venture isn’t going how you planned, but keep your head up, Capricorn. Things can turn around, but your finances will only recover if you have a positive attitude.

Aquarius: Remember to relax this week, Aquarius. Some strange things are heading your way, and you’ll need a calm and collected attitude to deal with it. People you normally interact with might be acting differently and you may just get the feeling that things are not quite right. Find your buddy, Taurus, and go for a walk.

Pisces: This week is all about leadership. Grab the bull by the horns and show them what you’re made of. You have a strong personality and that’s all to your advantage. Just don’t forget that people respect you when you lead by example.

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