Creative Writing: Graduation

(Melissa Gottlieb | The Oswegonian)
(Melissa Gottlieb | The Oswegonian)



There is no going back now.

Where do I look?

I’m forced to stare at the steps I just took,


It’s over now,

but it feels like a new book,

opening this new chapter,

straightening out this crumpled page.

Why is there rage?


Is it the pressure that’s building?

Is it the walls that are falling?

Oh shit, is that dad calling?

What did he say?

Oh no way—I can’t go            back there

Trash this—bash this.


What’s there?


It’s not empty.

There’s just no substance.

How do I leave?

When will I get there?

Who will take me?




Be clear.

New pen, new ink

just think.

How far you’ve come

did it really stink?


You beat it.

You won.

Be happy it’s done.

You’re over, it’s done with,

now bask in the sun.

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