Real life approaches; send out resumes

Time is running out. It’s the end of March and less than two full months away from graduation, for those who graduate in May. It’s time to stop slacking off and send out your resumés.

I’m not saying you need to find a job right this second. Just start looking and send your resumé, even if you are not 100 percent sure what you want to do. Start planning. Don’t sit around and wait for opportunities to simply fall into your lap, because that almost never happens. Sure, it’s the way everyone wants job searches to go, but that’s no excuse for waiting.

Aside from luck, people have their reasons for holding off. Some may not feel fully confident in their resumés, while some are not sure what to put in and what to leave out. If you’re not sure, then ask someone, like a professor or adviser. If you’re stuck with your resumé and not sure what the next step is, just ask.

Others may choose to wait to send out resumés because the process represents the end of college life and the beginning of reality. No longer can anyone say they have plenty of time before they need to start looking for a job. The time is now. Yes, it might mean saying goodbye to life as a college student and saying goodbye to a place that has provided sanctuary and friends for the past four years or so. But it needs to be done so that you are ready to begin the next chapter of your life after graduation.

If you feel that you are not entirely ready to take the next step, then start slowly. Just send one out and go through the process, then send out another. There is no reason not to send any out at this point. Why not try and secure your future with graduation on the horizon?

This is your future, your career. You are in control of your destiny, but only if you make it that way. The only way to take control of the situation is to start sending resumés out. The longer you wait, the smaller the job market becomes. Maybe you might miss out on a dream job if you wait to start sending it out. Don’t let that happen. Take the necessary steps to ensure yourself a better future. Start sending out your resumé while there is still plenty of time. Otherwise it may be too late.

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