This may not be your week. You will fall behind on your schoolwork and be forced to deal with a personal issue that has plagued you for some time. Do your best to take all the punches thrown at you and power through this tough week.



Make sure to smile this week, because things will not get much better. Things are going well in your personal life and it seems that you could do no wrong. But don’t be cocky, otherwise your good week can quickly turn sour.



A friend will turn to you for help in dealing with a difficult social situation in which you disagree with. Be honest and don’t lie, even if it means dealing your friend a difficult blow.



Everything you do this week will be scrutinized by family and friends, so try your best to be on top of your game. But don’t press too hard, or your time in the spotlight will be remembered for the wrong reasons.



You will be in a position to face personal demons this week. Don’t run and hide from them. Face them head on and you’ll find that you have more strength and perseverance than you thought.



Everything you seem to do has upset either family or friends this week, despite positive intentions. They may be mad, but don’t worry, all will be forgiven. They are your family and friends for a reason and will still support you no matter what.



You will be forced to do things differently this week, a change from your daily routine. It may be awkward at first, but give it a chance. Change is good, and you may see a silver lining when the week is over.


You will do everything you can to avoid confrontation this week. Whether it is a personal, social or academic issue, take a leap of faith and talk over your issues. You may find a solution and peace in your discussions.



Things have gone well for you this week, but watch out for the weekend, as things will take a turn for the worse. You may do something you will regret, so do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening.



You may not have been happy with a friend recently, but have kept it to yourself. You may feel the urge to confront this friend, but take a minute to think about what’s bothering you. You may find that the issue is not as big as you think. Try to work through the issue on your own without talking to the friend.



Seemingly everyone will come to you for help this week and you may not be inclined to solve everybody’s problems. Do your best to help out, as these people are seeking your advice for a reason. Take the time to help, even if it is not convenient for you.



You will be put in a difficult situation between two friends this week. Try to distance yourself from the problem and stay neutral, as picking sides may lead to the end of a friendship.

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