Aries: Keep your focus plastered to the blessings in your life. Locate what you have, and forget about what you think you’re missing. You are missing nothing. You never were. Sometimes, when you put in as great an effort as you have, it takes the world a minute to catch up with you and your brilliant ideas.

Taurus: When talking with anyone special to you this week, go the extra mile in making sure you’re really hearing them when they need to talk.  You may not always be the most sensitive and patient sign, but it’s important that you go out of your way to be so this week.


Gemini: Your social contacts and people you meet through clubs, groups and organizations, as well as the friendships that you now inspire, will start to benefit you more. From here on, choose as much as possible to work with people, as your association with others will benefit you.


Cancer: Idealizing the past could make you feel nostalgic today, giving rise to tension about a current situation. You are more attracted now to creature comforts at home, but might be overly hard on yourself as you fulfill your needs instead of resolving a problem.
Leo: Usually, you prefer to fly under the radar. When no one sees you coming, you have an ability to make a deep and lasting impact. However, you might feel unduly frustrated at your capacity to press forward in a personal endeavor. If you remember that your power lies in your gift to remain secretly intense, that phase you begin won’t unravel you.


Virgo: Conversations can be lively and quite productive today, or at the very least interesting! You might give voice to some opinions, but do be aware that you may not be speaking from the heart. It’s a wonderful day for feeling a little quirky and free, so express yourself!


Libra: You’ll be feeling a little restless or rebellious at the moment. And if you really want to go your own way and do your own a thing today, don’t hesitate to do what you think is right. Even if you’re experiencing a little self-doubt, just know that the people around you are still bound to support you whatever you do.


Scorpio: You enjoy the subtle mysteries of life. This isn’t some aggressive detective story. It’s an intricate and beautiful dance. You’re creative enough to see it that way. Your relationships seem filled with passion now, and you’re interested in figuring out what’s changed inside you.


Sagittarius: If you’re struggling now between fulfilling your personal needs and your business responsibilities, don’t shy away from the difficult issues just because they are more complicated. Remember, your public life has little meaning if you don’t also attend to your heart.


Capricorn: Will you ever get it right in every way? No. But nor will you ever get it completely wrong. Right and wrong are not just relative concepts whose relevance is in the eye of the beholder. It is fairer to say that they are holograms.


Aquarius:  Sometimes, we have lots of energy. Sometimes, we feel weak. There’s nothing strange or supernatural about this. There’s a natural rhythm to life that our bodies cannot help but respond to. We wait for the appropriate moment for the best thing. Don’t rush or wait too long.


Pisces:  You can’t expect full explanations for every mystery, nor can you expect instant reductions in pressure and tension, but a mood of confidence and hope will slowly replace a nagging concern.

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