Weekly EP Revue: Grizfolk – From The Spark

When Swedish natives Fredrik Eriksson and Sebastian Fritze decided to form a band named Grizfolk, their dreams of stardom were laid out before them. Collecting members from Florida and other southern states, the now five-person band has released their debut extended-play.

Titled “From The Spark,” the tracks play out through roots in rock, synth-pop and twangy country.  Surprisingly, this blend of genres creates something terrific. The music is a strong showcase of originality and creativity. Drawing slight comparisons to a more country-sounding Bastille, the band ultimately manages to stand apart from other music in the industry.

The EP’s lead single, titled “The Struggle,” offers the upbeat party track that many listeners will want while also managing not to fall into the basic, industry-churned pop crutch that so many artists fall into. “The Struggle” is far from typical. Filled with swirly beats and cascading vocals, it is one of the most interesting tracks in recent weeks.

The best track on “From The Spark” is “Vagabond.” A song about wandering peoples, unsure of their destination. Grizfolk presents this song as part ballad, part climactic power-pop. The track could not be more compelling.

Another track on the EP is the country-infused “Waiting For You.” With a sound similar to that of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up,” “Waiting For You” is an enjoyable listen. It’s more country than the other tracks, but also utilizes synthesizers that will surely help to make a definitive sound for Grizfolk.

Lastly there is “Hymnals.” Much more electro rock-based, “Hymnals” is filled with intimidating and intense instrumentals. The song gives “From The Spark” new dimensions as it is much more aggressive than the more amiable songs present on the EP.

For a debut release, Grizfolk’s five-track EP certainly packs a punch. Currently, the now LA-based band is on tour with blues-rock singer, ZZ Ward. With the added exposure and the band’s spectacular album, it would seem that the future of Grizfolk is bright.


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