Campus Recreation Sports Report

As we near the end of February, Campus Recreation is reaching one of its busiest times of the semester.

On Wednesday, Feb. 26, Campus Recreation will host a table tennis tournament in Funnelle Hall Lounge at 7 p.m.

The online registration deadline is Tuesday and on-site registration is from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.  Divisions will consist of men’s singles, women’s singles and open doubles.

Another new event is Campus Recreation’s Border Crossing.  The Border Crossing event provides a unique goal for people who are interested in swimming.

Over the course of a month, students will log the distance they swam in Lee Pool.  The goal is to cover the distance of Lake Ontario, from Oswego to Canada.

The next round of intramural sports will include 6 v 6 Dodgeball and European Team Handball.  The online registration for those sports will be March 4.

On Friday, the Campus Center Ice Arena was host to the Valentine’s Day Open Skate, 150 participants attended the event. On Saturday, Campus Recreation Intramural Sports hosted a doubles and singles racquetball tournament at Laker Hall.

In the doubles tournament, Dan Ulrich and Preston Krieger outlasted Jon McKibbin and Justin D’Antonio in a grueling 22-20 match.  Chaskin Saroff and Katie Briggs started strong, but came up short, losing to Zach Sabella and Chris Darr in the semifinals.  Krieger and Ulrich’s team chemistry and court presence seemed to give them the upper hand in their 21-16 victory over Darr and Sabella in the finals to become the 2014 racquetball doubles champions.

In the singles tournament, Justin D’Antonio cruised through the field en route to an undefeated record of 5-0. D’Antonio earned his first singles racquetball championship.

Intramural sports are picking with five sports now in session.

In basketball, an intramural champion was crowned in the women’s division as oSWAGo won two games in two days to take home the Spring 2014 Women’s Championship. In the co-rec tournament the final four is set.  The remaining teams are top-seeded Optimus Prime, Oswego State Warriors, Late Bloomers and the Monstars.

In the men’s tournament, the top-seeded Lee Hall Legends were the first team to reach the semifinal round after a convincing 55-27 victory over the Splash Brothers. Other remaining teams are Optimus Prime, The Regime, The Goons, Below the Rim, Win or Lose We Always…. and Jellyfish.

In men’s broomball, the final playoff bracket is set.  Derp Dynasty holds the No. 1 seed, followed by Snipe Chirp Cele, Spank That Donkey Kong and The Rolltiders. In the co-rec division, six teams remain undefeated before the final regular season game.  The Crimson Panthers, Dotties Fun Nuggets, Multiple Scorgasms, Master Debaters and Eskimo Family are all 2-0, as Slippery Shafts comes in at 1-0 to round out the unbeaten teams.

A new sport to Campus Recreation this spring is the pickleball league.  After one day of competition in the open doubles division, Bread and Butter and Triumv both notched early victories.

In indoor soccer, some teams are making some early noise with convincing victories. In the co-rec competitive division, team Hungover leads the league with a 2-0 record, with Emily Feeley scoring a goal in both wins.  In the co-rec recreational division, Team Swagger and The Fat and Furious lead the league at 2-0.  The two teams will face off on Monday to battle for the league’s top spot.

In the men’s recreational division, Goal Diggers and No FLIP’s are 2-0.  In the men’s competitive division, Dump Truck and Mohawk Manatees are atop the league at 2-0.  Team Dump Truck has come from behind, scoring unanswered goals to win its first two contests.

The indoor volleyball league started on Sunday. Tune Squad, Dan’s Calves, Practice Safe Sets, Long Live the Young Wolf and How I Set Your Mother each recorded victories. In the men’s league, Best Sets You’ve Ever Had and 187 On The Dot took home wins.

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