Journalism student balances Disney, ice skating

Brittany Hoffmann

It is not uncommon to see senior journalism student Brittany Hoffmann sprinting across campus. The 21-year-old is known to participate in numerous campus organizations, such as at WTOP as an anchor and Oswego State Ice Effects as the president.

Although Hoffmann is taking advantage of the opportunities offered at Oswego State, but she always wanted to be in the Disney College Program.

“I had always been a Disney nerd,” Hoffmann said. “I knew I wanted to be in the broadcasting program there.”

The only question for Hoffmann was, when? With her commitments to the Oswego State Ice Effects, she needed to pick which semester she spent at the House of Mouse very carefully.

“I applied in October of 2011, solely due to the fact that my commitment to the skating team would be less demanding because we were in a less competitive division that particular year,” Hoffmann said.

After a stressful application process, Hoffmann was accepted into the program, which she attended from February 2012 to August 2012. While in the program, Hoffman qualified as a top 50 representative for the Disney College Program Campus Representatives. Last semester, she qualified for the top 15 representatives.

“As a campus representative, I am required to promote the Disney College Program in the most positive way possible and act as a helping hand to anyone who needs help with the application process,” Hoffmann said.

Since becoming a campus representative, Hoffmann has helped other students ease into the application process, including current Disney intern Marissa Sarbak.

“Her enthusiasm definitely rubbed off on me and got me even more excited to apply,” Sarbak said. “She helped me when I had questions about the application process and anything else related to the internship.”

To help students learn more about the Disney College Program, Hoffmann holds information sessions, sets up tables to answer student’s questions and visits other colleges. She encourages students who are interested in the program to become familiar with the benefits the program offers, both academic and personal.

“It was especially life-changing,” Hoffmann said. “I met my best friend, still to this day.”

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