College Republicans Oswego Chapter president resigns before impeachment

On Tuesday the president of Oswego State’s College Republicans resigned moments before a vote was to be held on impeaching her from power.

Secretary of the club, Victoria Diana was present at the meeting and said that the impeachment was brought up by Nicholas Staino, a member of the club was chairman of the Oswego Chapter to the New York College Republican Federation.

“He [Staino] had met with her a lot of times and talked about things and she hadn’t been showing up at the meetings,” Diana said.

Diana said that there were disagreements between the two and Staino felt that Alicia Stetin, the resigning president, was not putting enough effort into the club.

“I think he was trying to give her constructive criticism and she took it as bullying,” Diana said.

Staino could not be reached for comment, but Diana said that he had brought copies of his conversations with Stetin to the meeting to show that he was not being mean in his approach to help the club.

“On the night we were going to vote on the impeachment, she started the meeting with a speech about how she was going to resign then she just walked out,” Diana said.

Diana said that Nick discussed that Stetin had failed to show up to meetings for “iffy” reasons and she would not show up to help campaign for various reasons. Diana said it all added up and led to the call for impeachment.

The college republicans do not only hold weekly meetings, they also stay in contact with local politicians who they have helped campaign for and continue to help campaign for politicians.

Diana did not expect for Stetin to resign and leave the club completely, rather she was hoping she would just step down so she could figure things out with lightening her schedule to try and return to the position.

Stetin wished to not comment further on her resignation from the College Republicans via email.

“I made my statement on Tuesday night at the meeting and I have no further comments. I’m not going to get myself any further involved,” Stetin said.

Chief Justice of Student Association Luke Carbonaro was invited to the meeting Tuesday night to oversee and mediate the impeachment process.

Carbonaro said that the College Republican’s constitution states that any board member can be impeached. The move is made for impeachment and the following week it is brought to a vote with all of the organization’s general members.

Carbonaro said that the reasons cited for Stetin’s impeachment was incompetence and failure to perform her duties.

Diana said that the club met Thursday night to discuss the future of the organization. At the meeting they discussed that they will be holding elections for a new president of the club.

“While the president’s resignation is unfortunate, the club is still going strong,” Diana said.

The College Republicans meet every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in Campus Center room 208 and welcome anyone interested in attending.

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