You’ve grown a lot. Don’t be afraid to take a chance this week, maybe say something that you normally wouldn’t you will be delighted with the results. Try some new things, but don’t let things get out of hand. Moderation will be your friend this weekend.


Try not to become too overwhelmed with what you’re working on this week. Everything will fit into place as long as you keep a level head. If you have to put extra effort into a project it might be smart to go the extra mile rather than fall short of what you are trying to accomplish.


You have really been slacking lately. Frankly, all those around you seem to be disappointed in you. Do not worry though, the full moon coming this weekend will revitalize you. Gather as many lunar rays this weekend as you can. They will be beneficial.


Your luck is about to change. Whatever you’re working on be sure to advance carefully as you may make a slip up and it could ruin your week. Try to not be too risky because if you miss one minor detail the results will be overwhelming.


You’ve become spontaneous lately, a little too spontaneous. Tone it down a bit. Your friends and family will be thankful for it. You may not have noticed, but they’ve been disgusted with your actions lately. Take it easy for now.


The full moon which lies ahead is going to screw with the week ahead. You’re going to have everything thrown your way. It will be overwhelming at first, but once you sit down and start to handle everything you’ll understand that you can take it on. Welcome the challenge, it will make you stronger.


You can do better. You’re working hard but need to work harder. Go ahead and try something new. Like Gemini, the full moon coming is going to give you a spark to make changes to your lifestyle. Do not be afraid to talk to new people. You never know what might happen.


You dropped the ball last week. Letting people down isn’t something you’re used to, but that’s alright. You’re going to rebound this week and take advantage of the opportunities given to you. Make sure to thank those who help you as they will be key factors to your future success.


You couldn’t be doing any better right now so don’t mess it up. Keep the positive energy flowing because you’re going to hit a rough patch this week. If you don’t stay positive, you’re going to be stuck in a rut and not be able to get out. Things are going to work out if you keep your head up.


Try not to fall this week. One wrong step and you’ll fall into a deep whole and it is not going to be easy to get out of. If you do happen to fall a friend will come by and offer to help you out. Take advantage of this, don’t be afraid to admit weakness, in fact, welcome it.


You are a mess right now. The full moon will deceive you and make you think you’re in a great spot. Don’t fall for it. If you do you will have big problems just over the horizon. Take it easy this weekend and get some work done. You’ll pull through.

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