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This episode was definitely better than the last one, because it seemed more like a classic Mindy story. This week, we got the chance to see Mindy be the attention-seeker we all know and love. We also were given a glimpse of some possible scenarios to come later on in the season. This episode brought a new character closer to the rest of the cast and the show had a different chemistry about it. The episode seemed almost rushed and shorter than normal, but nonetheless this week’s chapter of The Mindy Project was really enjoyable.

This episode was much better then the first episode. A lot of questions are answered that we thought were going to be prolonged further into the season. The excitement panned out during the entire episode, rather than a single segment. We also found out some interesting details that could play into future episodes. No Walking Dead episode is complete without people dying, and this episode met that criteria. This led to more questions, though, but it seems that they are not going to drag out the suspense for a long time. This episode is proof as to why this is one of the best shows on TV right now.

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Warning: this review contains spoilers.

This episode brought smiles, tears and anger. We see Rumpelstilskin and Neil reunite to get Henry back in a very cheerful way. Sadly, that ends quickly when Neil finds out his father originally planned to kill Henry because a prophecy that was foretold to him. We have seen that Rumpel has changed, but Neil has never been able to believe it. That’s when the tears come in: when he take his father’s magic for a period of time. But because Neil isn’t the brightest bulb, Peter Pan takes him back. The worst part of the episode is that Henry has been gradually changing into a lost boy. Henry, why?


American Horror Story

“The Replacements” S03E03

This episode of American Horror Story was absolutely captivating from start to finish. Nausea and creepiness emanated from the effects of the cinematography.

The fish eye effect in a long shot brought an eerie feeling to the episode. The end of the episode took a completely unexpected twist. The aspect the show captures so well  suspense and surprise.

The new actors on the show have been exceptional, with the exception of Emma Roberts. The cast brings a great chemistry to the cast, which has always been a big thing in this series. New cast members are always added to the show but they always seem to bring something amazing to each episode. With each episode, the show continues to get better and better, reeling you into the story further.


Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special

Every year, Pretty Little Liars has a Halloween special. In each episode we get a little information about the mystery of who killed the girls’ friend Allison. This episode gave viewers a look at what is to come in the new ABC Family show “Ravenswood.” The show does not seem to look great, but it was a good tie-in between the two shows. This episode was satisfying because the information that we know, the girls now know as well. But there are still questions that need to be answered. But it was probably one of the best Halloween episodes I have seen. Sometimes the show gives you information but not the full story, which has been a frustrating aspect of the show. This episode was not like different, which made it pleasurable to watch.

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