Time to buckle down as semester nears end

The calendar is shifting to November and suddenly everyone is realizing that the semester is quickly coming to a close. Depending on the midterm grades you have, you have two options: stay on the right track or hunker down and study. Every student received an email about their midterm grades and the appropriate actions to take. I received the message and it looks like I have to hunker down (sorry Mom and Dad) because I have a D in one class. Here is some advice to first semester freshmen and transfer students to keep you on the path to success, but everyone else should consider these as well.

The standard for most scholarships and financial aid is a minimum 3.0 GPA, so reaching that goal would be vital for scholarship opportunities. It would keep any doubt away from those students in terms of joining clubs, fraternities, or sororities; most of these groups require their members to be in good academic standing in order to be considered for membership. Keep fighting for that 3.0 GPA now so that you can be more active in your social life later on in your college career. If the grades are good but you have trouble with some key concepts in courses, take advantage of tutors located in the Campus Center.

No student should be just studying and sleeping. Although grades are important, some social time always helps students unwind. For those who socialize often, try to attend some school events. The prime location this time of year is the ice arena. Both the men’s and women’s ice hockey teams are more than ready to take the ice. If hockey is not your sport, head over to Max Ziel Gymnasium in Laker Hall for some basketball games or wrestling matches. The Waterman Theatre hosts one play per semester as well as several musical and entertainment acts throughout the academic year.

A big event on campus is the Lewis B. O’Donnell Media Summit, which will be held in Waterman theatre on Nov. 6. The summit’s theme is titled “Get in the Game” and consists of Oswego State alumni on a panel discussing different opinions on the media today. It is a great event for all students and can interest anyone in any major. In case you are unaware, the big name panelist this year is Steve Levy. The sports anchor for ESPN will share his insights in the broadcasting world, so take advantage and learn a few things.

The key to finishing the semester on a high note is to balance work, sleep, and socializing. It seems so simple, but everyone has one section they have trouble balancing. Nobody is perfect and some students need a wake-up call just to understand how important it is to get off on the right foot; this is why there are midterms. Above all else, do not panic; there is still time to improve. After the semester is over, take a well-deserved break and unwind before it happens again in the spring.

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