Letter to the Editor

As many Oswego students may know, Benjamin Cornwell, our son, brother, friend, and former Oswego State freshman, died in a motorcycle accident this past September.  Ben’s family wishes to thank everyone for their help and support during this difficult time for us.  We appreciate the tremendous love that has been shown for Ben by his many friends, and we would like everyone to know how much it has meant to us, and how much we appreciate the new and continuing friendships we have.  We want to give special thanks to Ben’s friends from Oswego who could come to Moravia to be with us and shared some “Ben” stories with us.  Ben enjoyed his time as a both a student and employee at Oswego State, and made many good friends.  We are proud that Ben touched so many lives in a positive way.  Thank you all very much.

-The Cornwell Family

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