Heed mind, follow heart

(Lily Choi | The Oswegonian)
(Lily Choi | The Oswegonian)

For years, I’ve been a huge OutKast fan. I love Andre 3000 and Big Boi. Their music is just out of this world, and since the beginning of the semester, I’ve been getting back on my OutKast flow. There’s something in the lyrics that Andre 3000 comes up with that just blows my mind. The man is a lyrical genius, just as he is musically. With Dre, I can apply most of his lyrics to the way things are in the world around me. A prime example lies within the second verse of their smash hit “Hey Ya!” in which 3000 says “We get together, oh we get together, but separate’s always better when there’s feelings involved”.

Somehow in college, those lyrics never seemed more appropriate.

Sure, I’m a first year freshman, so it’s easy to ignore this article and chalk it up to me being immature and having a misunderstanding of relationships. But I’m a romantic. I pride myself on being a romantic whether I live or die as one, and in college your romantic life can either go very good, or very bad. In college, you’re going to meet people you will most likely keep in touch with for the rest of your life. In the six short weeks that I’ve been at Oswego, I’ve seen many people walking around campus holding hands with their significant other. I believe in true love, but sometimes true love can bite you on the dark side of the moon, and when it does sometimes it can be hard to recover. This presents a common question for college students: are college relationships worth it?

The factors of schedules, homework, studying, extra-curricular activities, etc. definitely make a difference. Then there comes the whole “I want to do this with my life, but you want to do that with your life” issue. All of these prove to be nothing more than road blocks for relationships when the truth is, they’re built on passion.

See, relationships function on love, passion, the will to make sacrifices just to be with someone, because that someone isn’t just anyone, they are your significant other. I highly doubt anyone will ever have the perfect relationship, but you know what? That’s perfectly fine. You don’t need to have the perfect relationship. You can make a relationship perfect. When the two people involved are willing to stay by each other’s side for love, for that feeling of “I can’t say goodbye to them without breaking a little inside,” for that moment where you hold them close and never want to let them go, that’s what makes a relationship perfect. And always remember, college relationships are a lot different than high school relationships. It can be a serious thing. You may end up spending the rest of your life with this person, or it could end up not working out and both parties end up hurt. However, that’s the beauty of relationships: they are unpredictable.

This brings me back to the lyric, “Separate’s always better when there’s feelings involved.” Is it always better? Or can together be better when feelings are involved? That’s on you to decide. The question, “Are college relationships worth it?” is ridiculous. Every relationship is worth it when feelings are involved, even if it doesn’t work out in the end. The time you spend in the relationship makes it worth it. You can’t change the past or control the future, but you can control today. So live for today and share your happiness with the one you love, and always make it worth it.

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