New iPhones give tech-savy, frugal consumers choices

The big news this week is that Apple is releasing two new phones: the iPhone 5C and the 5S. Apple has been criticized from many fronts on their decision to release two different phones at the same time with such a high price difference. I think Apple has made a good business move in providing people with two choices for upgrading. In essence, Apple’s choices cater to two types of people.

The first group includes those who want the best of the best, the top of the line, and are tech lovers. Those kinds of people can buy the 5S. The second group is those upgrading because they need a new phone rather than want a new phone or those that simply want a new phone but are keeping their wallets in mind. These individuals can buy the 5C.

There is no doubt that the 5C is far better than the 5. The money-conscientious person will be completely satisfied with the 5C, but if money isn’t an issue, why not go with the 5S? The 5S far surpasses the 5 and the 5C; it is clearly the better and faster phone. The iPhone 5S offers better security, including the much desired finger print sensor. It provides a better camera and flash than both the 5 and the 5C and has more capabilities than the others. And this is just the general overview, not the nitty-gritty about the better pixels, iOS, chip, frequency bands, etc. that makes the technology lovers go crazy. If you are concerned about the limited color choices in the 5S, don’t worry; the beautiful colors of the 5C will disappear under phone              covers anyway.

Overall, I respect Apples’ choice in releasing the two phones to cater to a wider demographic. Whether you decide to buy the 5C or the 5S depends on the kind of person you are and what you want. Apple has put it in the customer’s hands to make the decision. A word of advice to those who are buying one of the new releases: take advantage of your options by knowing as much as you can. Make sure you do your homework and learn all the details about your phone before making such a big purchase.

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