Oswego State offers more than parties

It seems that all college students do these days is go out and party. While many do, there are some students who do not even put the bottle to their lips. So why is it the first week back to college the parties are already in full swing? Is getting drunk beyond belief really what we all need to do to have a good time? There are so many other options that involve no drinking whatsoever. A completely sober evening can be a lot more fun than waking up in an unknown house or being completely out of it the following morning.

The first week of college brings us all back together. We meet new friends and we see our old ones. It’s all about reuniting our college community, and that can be done without consuming alcohol. First there are many on-campus activities. Whether there are movies outdoors, open athletic facilities or just a get-together with your dorm wing, there are plenty of options to meet new people. College students love movies and there’s always a hit television show everyone likes to watch,  so have a movie night. Hang out and munch on snacks ‘til dawn.

There are also many attractions that would interest students in the Oswego community. There’s The Wall, which is an indoor rock-climbing wall, and museums such as the H. Lee White Marine Museum of maritime history and the Safe Haven Museum, which is dedicated to the 982 Jewish refugees who arrived and stayed at Fort Ontario to escape Nazi persecution in 1944. The town also boasts walking trails and a bowling alley. On a hot day you can head down and visit the beaches at Sandy Island Beach State Park. You can also go to the Midway Drive-In and watch a triple feature.

Parties are OK once in a while, but is that really how you want to remember college? Embrace the community of the school and the town. Go exploring and have an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life!

Mikael Pelkey
Contributing Writer

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