Not too late to join organizations

As the issues of The Oswegonian come to an end this semester, I’m left with a curious thought: Why did I wait so long to try to become a part of this? This was my first year working on the E-Board and I loved it. I joined the Laker Review early last semester as the assistant. I didn’t have any expectations and if I did they would have been blown away, this is me raving. I could never have imagined when I first started writing halfway through my sophomore year that I’d be an editor by the end of my junior year. With that said that’s my message: Don’t worry what you can imagine yourself doing and just go out and do something, it’s not too late.

I can’t be a hypocrite though, I joined The Oswegonian for some strange reasons, including a conversation I had with a friend and serious dislike in someone’s music taste. To address the first, during my sophomore year I had a lot of free time and began to realize this wasn’t good. I had a job, but that barely took any time out of my schedule. While working one day, I was talking with a friend of mine who was beginning to notice they weren’t a part of anything extracurricular and we both decided we wanted to change that. Another friend of mine, who is active in a few clubs and organizations, was sitting in on the conversation. Our conversation consisted of wishing we were doing more, talking about all we wanted to do and saying how late we were to realize. His question to the both of us was “Why don’t you just go do it?”

With that, my world was put in perspective. There are over 100 clubs and organizations on campus and that is always growing. I had all these ideas and turns out everything I needed was right in front of me. Go figure right? This is the case for many students at Oswego State. In my time working with The Oswegonian I’ve found that most students just don’t know how to take that first step. It’s understandable, as a freshman coming into school you know literally nothing, so of course you wouldn’t know where to start. Most upperclassmen, like myself, believed by sophomore year they’ve lost their chance by not joining early. This isn’t true. Organizations are always looking for more members because that’s what keeps them going.

The second reason for joining is well a little cockiness. I read an article on J. Cole coming to our school and let’s just say I was disappointed. I felt like the writer really didn’t know whom they were writing about and all they knew was that they wanted Ke$ha. Nothing against Ke$ha, but I didn’t agree. After reading this I felt fired up. I didn’t want readers to be exposed to just the opinion of one disgruntled Ke$ha fan. In my mind, if they could do it then so could I. This attitude was a great chip on my shoulder and it can apply to almost anything. Whether it be the planning of a fundraiser or a TV show idea if you can see yourself doing it just find a way to do it. So visit the media organizations (The Oswegonian, WTOP and WNYO) because we won’t bite. And go to The Point and find something that’s perfect for you.

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