Advisers get blamed a lot at Oswego State. Whether or not they are the reason you didn’t graduate on time, we should learn to respect these superiors. They are in this role for a reason: to help us.

But it’s difficult to reach out to students who commonly ignore emails or forget to retrieve necessary registration codes and then blame it on their adviser when something goes wrong.

So when your adviser sends you an email saying that this is your last chance to talk to them about something, take them up on that chance. When they say that all juniors will need a specific code to register, get that code from them.

But most of all, remember to respect your adviser if you want respect from them. Stop by their office for a visit, even if you don’t have any questions for them. Set up an appointment with them a week in advance, instead of that week. Don’t blame them for not graduating on time when you should be blaming yourself.

Many advisers enjoy working with the students and look forward to interacting with them. Getting to know your advisers better can help you academically. Advisers are there to not only make sure you are on track to graduate, but to assist you with your academics. The more they know about you, the better they know how to assist you with your classes or at least lead you in the right direction.

Being more active with your adviser can help you find a future job as well. Not only can they be a good reference, but also they can be a good source for networking. Many advisers have had diverse careers where they have met many people in their industry and have possible connections that could lead you to your future employer.

Don’t think of your adviser as someone who only monitors your progress, but as a valuable resource during your time at college and after.

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