‘Indicud’ showcases Kid Cudi’s eccentric, artistic direction

“Indicud” sends the message of self-love with songs such as “Unf**kwittable.” (Photo provided by hiphopwired.com)
“Indicud” sends the message of self-love with songs such as “Unf**kwittable.” (Photo provided by hiphopwired.com)


If you have been following Kid Cudi the past two years, you would know what a journey it has been for the artist who broke onto the scene with the single “Day N’ Nite.” After a drug arrest, a public rehabilitation and a rock album, we find Kid Cudi in an interesting state. Cudi deepened his influence on his music for “Indicud.” He produced every song and on some tracks let his features flourish with little drops of “Cudi-isms” from himself.

The album begins with the first of three instrumental tracks that sets the tone for everything that follows. The production to start the album is strange, but Cudi handles this on “Unf***wittable” perfectly. The strange sound mixed with his distinct sing-talking makes for trademark Cudi. Singles “Just What I Am” and “King Wizard” are songs that fans of Cudi old and new will enjoy. These songs also encapsulate the message of the album, which is to be happy with who and what you are.

Cudi doesn’t abandon his rock influences either. Songs “Immortal” and “Young Lady” show that the style we saw on the album “WZRD” is more than just a phase. The choruses on these songs are probably the strongest on the albums and, for better or worse, demand the most attention from the listener. Staying true to his hip-hop roots “Indicud” features Kendrick Lamar, Too $hort, A$ap Rocky and long time collaborator King Chip. The strangest feature of the album comes in Michael Bolton, who is featured on “Afterwards,” a nine-minute song that will intrigue all listeners. The song never settles in one place and is all over the place in terms of production, but not in a bad way.

Cudi has compared this release to “Chronic 2001” and told fans he would not be on every song. This is true on “Red Eye,” which features all-girl rock outfit Haim and “Beez” which features Wu-Tang’s RZA. These songs display a serious growth in production, but are some of the weaker tracks on the album. Some tracks on the album fall into the static of strange and weak and fail to move listeners unlike the rest of the album.

Standouts on the album include “Girls,” which is a dark take on one of Cudi’s vices: women. “Brothers” which features A$AP Rocky and King Chip who handle their verses perfectly. “Brothers” will be a favorite for fans who favor the hip-hop flavor of Kid Cudi.

“Indicud” is Kid Cudi’s most eclectic album yet. The album takes listeners on a dark and strange journey through Kid Cudi’s psyche. What’s worth mentioning the most is Cudi’s growth. Cudi, who has always pushed the envelope in the past, takes his biggest leap yet .The album isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a success. Flexing his production skills to the max, Kid Cudi gives fans an album that may not blow them away but demands their respect.

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