Meatless Monday

Walking into Littlepage Dining Hall, employees wear a sticker on their green smocks reading, “Don’t meat me on Monday!” The Meatless Monday movement, which began in fall 2012, incorporates alternative dishes for those who are not fans of meat products.

Meatless Monday is a non-profit organization associated with the Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health. Its goal is to cut down meat intake to improve people’s health and the environment.

“It’s a nationwide movement we adopted,” Littlepage manager Cielle Tovey said, who agrees it is good to see a wider variety for students who do not eat meat products.

Employees say otherwise. “It’s ironic that the dining hall serves meat on Meatless Monday,” said employee Demetrius Kramarchyk, as he carved a turkey for dinner.

Although there are substitute options, one would think that the whole menu would consist of entirely meat-free dishes. Looking through the main line for Monday dinner, the meatless choices included green beans, applesauce, whipped potatoes, zucchini and lemon quinoa pilaf. Only four out of nine dishes met the criteria.

“To be honest, it only gives me one or two more options. I think it would be more beneficial if we included more vegetarian dishes in our everyday menu; then I wouldn’t be stuck eating the pasta and pizza all the time,” Yoira Santos said, who is vegetarian.

The program creates more selection for each menu. It promotes a healthier lifestyle for all students. Yet, vegetarians have limited options for meals. For now, meat will still continue to be served along with the vegetarian dishes.

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