Viral videos ‘Shake’ up campus

The Harlem Shake craze has gained tremendous popularity all over the Internet and now has reached a new home: the campus of Oswego State.

These viral videos of spontaneous dancing to the song “Harlem Shake” by Baauer have a simple concept. A small group of people in a room go about their regular business while one person dances, seemingly invisible to the others. Once the bass drops and the first lyric in the song, “Do the Harlem Shake,” is said, the room is instantaneously filled with people in absurd costumes who are more or less flailing about. This concept caught the eyes of many on campus and inspired a campus-wide breakout of the videos.

Residence halls, clubs and organizations all around the Oswego State campus have made their own Harlem Shake videos to show off their school spirit.

Elliott Altland, the Head Events/Fundraising Coordinator of the Scales Hall Council, decided to create a Harlem Shake video for his residence hall.

“After seeing all the halls on campus represent I got the idea,” Altland said. “Scales has been trying to promote community more, an idea I fully support as a supportive community gets people out and involved.”

Altland said that producing a Harlem Shake video was a good way to promote a “positive lifestyle” on campus by getting students active in local activities and becoming more familiar with their fellow residents.

Altland and over 30 other Scales Hall residents produced their Harlem Shake video on Feb. 24 in the basement lounge of Scales. Other residence halls and clubs around campus that have made Harlem Shake videos include Riggs Hall, Funnelle Hall, Hart Hall, Oneida Hall, WTOP and the men’s track and field team.

The original Harlem Shake video that started the craze was posted on the Internet Feb. 10, and has over 52 million views.

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