Time key to keeping reefer off drug tests: Real Talk with Shelly & Ted

Shelly Sloan is the health promotion coordinator and Ted Winkworth is the alcohol and other drug program coordinator. You can find them at The Lifestyles Center in Walker Health Center. Shelly received her master’s degree in community health education and is a certified in health education specialist. Ted received his master’s degree in counseling and is also a credentialed alcoholism and substance abuse counselor.


Dear Shelly and Ted,

How long can marijuana be detected in blood, urine and through hair tests?


Puff the Magic Dragon


Dear Puff the Magic Dragon

Depending on where you look on the Internet, you’ll find answers ranging from two weeks to four years. I’ll give you a very basic rundown. THC can be detected in the blood for a few hours, which is why blood tests aren’t usually used. THC can be detected in urine anywhere from two days to three months. In this case, it really depends on how much the person being tested smokes and what percentage of their body is made up of fat. For someone who does not smoke, the potential exists that they could pass a drug test a week after a single use. The bad news for regular smokers and those with more body fat is that THC stores itself away in fat molecules for a long time. For those people, a urine test may test positive for up to 90 days. The bad news for the regular pot-smoker who wants to buy a cleansing agent is that modern tests actually detect whether or not someone has consumed something to alter their test. I would suggest that regular smokers who may need to pass a test for a job anytime up to 75 days from stop smoking and not gamble with commercially available urine screens. Finally, while hair tests won’t detect the one-time smoker, anyone who has smoked marijuana at least a couple of times will test positive on a hair follicle test for at least a few months.



Dear Shelly and Ted,

Would it be helpful to use some lubrication on the inside of the condom to make the condom go on easier? Would this increase slippage?


Accelerated Access


Dear Accelerated Access,

Placing lubricant in the inside tip of the condom will not only make the condom slide on easier, but it may also increase the sensation for the wearer. You don’t need a lot—just a dab, and it can be placed on the inside tip before the condom is rolled on. If too much is used, it may cause it to slip and slide (right off!)—and we don’t want that! Remember to choose water-based lubricant, not oil-based, which can cause breakage. The Lifestyles Center, located in Walker Health Center offers free trial packs of water-based lubricant if you would like—just head on over and ask for it!



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