American spirit crushed, ideals disrespected

(Devon Nitz | The Oswegonian)
(Devon Nitz | The Oswegonian)

The America I knew and loved is dead.

The spirit this once great nation was built on has been crushed and spit on by those who think they have the authority to tell us what is right. The faith I used to have is now gone, and I do not know how to feel. What I do know is the land of the free shed a tear for what had been lost as she breathed her final breath. The United States died on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013.

You may be asking yourself, “What happened that day?”

It was the first Sunday in a while without football, but that was not what drove the final stake into the home of the brave’s heart. What wiped away the morals and ideals we have been fighting for the past 236 years was our greatest American hero being denied justice.

I am, of course, talking about The Grammys stealing Best Rock Album and Best Rock Song from American hero Bruce Springsteen.

The man who has stood for freedom, equality and the blue-collar working man ever since his first album in 1973 lost both awards to The Black Keys, who, for all I care, can go pound sand. Springsteen’s newest album, “Wrecking Ball,” which delivers a message of hope for the American people during these tough times, was brushed aside by the corrupt institution known as The Grammys in an egregious act of besmirching.

Not only does “Wrecking Ball” deliver a strong message, but it is also Springsteen’s best album in years, which speaks volumes. With classic Springsteen songs such as “We Take Care of Our Own,” which was the song nominated for Best Rock Song, “Wrecking Ball,” as well as newer sounds that The Boss has added to his repertoire, provides more evidence the album should have won by a landslide. Instead, our children will have to grow up in a world where what was once valuable to you and me is gone.

Some of you reading this may not care, and may actually enjoy The Black Keys, so let me quickly address that and tell you, you’re wrong. If you think you can make a case, I implore you to go listen to “We Take Care of Our Own.” If you’re not ready to punch a commie in the throat once it is over, then there are two reasons: one, the only thing you take care of is yourself, and two, you, yourself are a commie and there is a fist heading straight for your trachea.

So the only question left is how dare the self-righteous voters at The Grammys deny our last great icon his due? Where do they get the gall, the gumption and the gonads to get off? To quote The Boss in the song “Jack of All Trades” from his new album, “If I had me a gun, I’d find the bastards and shoot them on sight.”

Now, excuse me as I weep for America.

*Note: The author has neither the means nor the intentions of harming the voters of The Grammys, despite their deplorable conduct.

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