Brazil, Spain favorites for 2014 World Cup

Brazil, a celestial, yet recently shaky soccer team and host of the FIFA World Cup in 2014 has automatically qualified, however; other fearful countries such as, Spain, Italy, France Germany, the Netherlands and Argentina are slowly proving themselves to be champion-worthy, according to the Europe and South American FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. They all seem prepared with the ability to pummel any country that crosses their way to victory.

One of Spain’s essential players, Andres Iniesta, a versatile midfielder and one of the few players in the world capable of passing the ball elegantly on the pitch, is aware of the dangers other countries pose. In an interview by he stated, “It’s true that nowadays it’s very difficult to win games, whichever national team you’re playing against.”

Even though he expressed concern over winning matches, he also reassured fans that “the squad’s got what it takes to do that,” meaning that they are always ready to confront any national team out there. In Europe’s World Cup Qualifiers, Spain is currently tied with France with a total of seven points in Group I.

There is a greater possibility they would not, due to the immense pressure that Brazil has to win as hosts and the redemption they must regain as they were disgracefully eliminated in the FIFA World Cup 2010. Another reason is that their victory in 2010 was the first time a European country had won the World Cup outside of a European venue.

Italy, finalists against Spain in the UEFA Eurocup 2012 also, fulfills the requirements needed to be upcoming champions in the World Cup of 2014. Carrying a very defensive and tactical squad with players like De Rossi, Pirlo, Balotelli and Cassano it seems as if they are focused on taking a clear lead in their group. Another important note is, AC Milan’s hero, Stephan El Sharaawy, a young and motivated soccer player who may hold the key to Italy’s success in Brazil.

Lionel Messi, considered a “legend” by experts, and an immortal super-star in the world of soccer, may have what it takes to guide Argentina to victory and become World Cup champions. He is running in great form, scoring a total of seven goals so far in South America’s World Cup Qualifiers and 34 in the Spanish League. Argentina is currently first in the South American Cup Qualification Table with 10 points.

Both France and Netherland can be seen as quite a shock for the reason that their performance in the 2010 World Cup was very poor and difficult to watch. Talent seemed as if it was thrown away throughout those lifeless soccer matches, although in their recent standings in Europe’s World Cup Qualifiers they are showing improvement and are showing a better display of soccer at its greatest. France displayed 90 minutes of brilliance as they tied one to one with Spain in December of last year. These two countries are demonstrating that they have what it takes to be one of the many contenders fighting to win the golden trophy in Brazil. Netherlands is in the first position placed in Group D, with twelve points, while France follows Spain with a total of seven points.

Other countries, both talented and considered rising threats, that are mentally and physically able stir up competition over the usual favorites are England, Portugal, Sweden, Russia, Croatia, Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, United States, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador. These countries are not characterized as leaders within their group but are viewed as potential teams that could qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2014.

(Devon Nitz | The Oswegonian)
(Devon Nitz | The Oswegonian)

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