Campus Recreation Sports Report

The intramural badminton league suffered a number of forfeits Saturday, resulting in only one match played. V-town battled Doubles Dynamite in the doubles division, winning all three matches. Doubles Dynamite put up a good fight, despite its loss.

The intramural broomball league was all about defense during its games on Tuesday, Oct. 30. Offensive plays took the back seat as teams held each other off, fighting for the win. In an early game, Ice Ice Baby took on Kisses n Thugs, who secured a lead with a goal in the first period. Fighting for a goal of its own, Ice Ice Baby scored in the third period, tying the game, 1-1.

In another game, Off Constantly battled Sticks up the Pass, with Ryan Farrell scoring Off Constantly’s lone goal in the second period. Sticks up the Pass was able to tie the game, 1-1, in the third period. In a more offensive game, Anne Frank’s Army Tanks suffered a 6-1 loss to Derp Dynasty.

Sunday’s games ended in close scores, with many of the games being decided by one goal. Quarto Loco defeated the Metards, 4-3, while Vicious and Delicious took on Snipe Chirp Cele, wining 2-1. Team Cracch Shots had a successful night winning both their games, defeating Team Chicken Patty 1-0 and 5Guys&Girlw/NiceThighs 2-1.

The Residence Life and Housing dodgeball tournament held its championship games Friday night during halftime of the men’s and women’s basketball games. Progressing from eleven teams to four, two teams in each division had a chance to fight for the championship.

In the women’s division, Waterbury Warriors defeated the Hart Breakers, crowning them dodgeball champions. In the men’s division, Big Johnson’s played The Guild, from Seneca Hall. The Guild went undefeated in the first round, while Big Johnson scraped by, 3-2, just making it to the championships. Winning both games in the final round, The Guild took the championship.

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