Laundry room troubles

Hall Councils of Oswego State signed a petition Sunday stating that residents of Cayuga Hall are dissatisfied with the quality of dryers and washers in the hall.

Laundry day for sophmore Ebony Lewis is aggravating because, though she lives in Cayuga, she has to travel to Seneca to wash her laundry.

“Sometimes the spindle rips my clothes and I refuse to add another expense of replacing them.” Lewis said.

This is Lewis’ second year not being able to wash her clothes without issues. Previously, Lewis lived in Scales, another residence hall where she had to deal with her clothes being water-damaged. She has to add in extra detergent because with the correct amount her clothes still never came out spotless. After washing, she then waits an additional two hours for the clothes to dry, only to find lint on them from the dryers.

Recently there has been a spike in the number of calls from Cayuga Hall to Auxiliary Services about the washing machines and dryers that fail to function adequately.

When complaints are sent to Auxiliary Services, an on-campus service technician is supposed to go to the residencehalls and fix the broken machines.

“If updating them isn’t an option, the least they can do is give us more machines,” assistant hall director of Cayuga Garrett Wilson said.

Although students might think that Auxiliary Services is not doing anything about the issue, General Manager of Auxiliary Services Michael Flaherty said that they are sensitive to student concerns and are working to improve their service.

“This summer we replaced 20 percent of the machines on campus with new equipment, and plan to continue this upgrade in the future,” Flaherty said.

According to the website for Oswego State, the cost of tuition is $20,728.50 annually which includes $218 of additional residential charges, such as laundry.

Students say it is unfair that students pay this fee only to receive bad services in exchange.

“It’s either the dryers don’t spin, don’t dry properly or just don’t work,” Wilson said. “There are only nine dryers and three are broken.”

According to Oneida Resident assistant, Eniola Alawoya, with the lack of machines, it’s a fight to do laundry. The laundry room becomes congested and some students have to postpone washing their clothes to the next day, next week or sometimes the next month.

Many students are forced to take their laundry to wash at other resident halls, while others are forced to air dry their wet clothes in their rooms.

There have been attempted solutions but unfortunately they were not effective.

“We have added some signage in the laundry rooms informing students of some practices,” Flaherty said. “For example, not overloading the machines, and emptying their pockets before they put their wash in the machine that will reduce the number of service calls.”

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