Hurricane Sandy live updates

Update 10:20 p.m. 

Currently in Oswego winds are a strong 45 m.p.h. and gusting to 62 m.p.h. from the North East. Rain will continue to fall into the night and will most likely stop by 1 a.m. while a high wind warning is in effect for Oswego and surrounding areas while areas along the lake are expected to have the strongest winds. Trees are expected to come down and could knock down power lines.

A Cold front is expected to mix with the center of the storm when it arrives near Oswego. Several parts of Long Island are underwater along with New York City. Surge waters have flooded underground subways causing the Mass Transit Authority to announce that they will remain shut down for the week. The superstorm is expected to wreak havoc into tomorrow and damages are still to be assessed. Lower Manhattan is in the dark with no power thanks to the storm. New York Stock Exchange officials are reporting that the floor is not flooding contrary to numerous reports circulating the media.

A building part of the water treatment compound on the east side of campus has had it’s roof blown off by winds. We hope to have pictures in the morning and will have an update as soon as possible tomorrow morning. Stay indoors and stay away from the lake.


Update 8:35 p.m.

Superstorm Sandy has made landfall in Southern New Jersey. The storm is sustaining winds of 80 m.p.h. and the storm surge in Long Island has passed 12.4 feet. According to The Weather Channel, as of 8 p.m. tonight 3.1 million people were without power due to the storm. In New York City’s Battery Park, water levels reached 12.33 feet, setting a new record that hasn’t been broken since 1821. Heavy winds remain in Oswego and will continue into the night.


Update 7:25 p.m.

Sandy has now been classified as a post-tropical storm and is about to make landfall in New Jersey. The storm is now being referred to as Superstorm Sandy. Winds are holding strong in the high 80 m.p.h. area. Officials are urging New Yorkers to stay indoors due to the chance of flying debris. Oswego State officials are asking students to stay away from the lake to avoid large waves. More to come as the storm develops.

Original Post

Hurricane Sandy is wreaking havoc as it reaches land along the East Coast. The storm reaches inland as far as Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee and is expected to head North into New England.

Highest winds have been clocked at 90 m.p.h. in the category one hurricane and as high as 43 m.p.h. in Oswego. Snow has been seen in the South, forecasts expecting a foot or more in Western North Carolina.

Oswego State cancelled classes and activities beginning after 4:30 p.m. this evening until noon tomorrow at 12:42 p.m. today. Dr. Scott Steiger, of the Meteorology department at Oswego State said the move was made out of caution.

“They’re just being safe,” Steiger said.

According to Public Affairs, the last time cancellations of this scale were on March 5, 2008 when heavy snowfall made its way to the area. Only the morning classes were cancelled on this date.

The storm has yet to reach Oswego and according to The Weather Channel, is not expected to until Thursday morning, when it will be categorized as a tropical storm.

There are concerns for high winds and flying debris, said Steiger. According to reports by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), waves on Lake Ontario could reach anywhere from 15 to 20 feet.

Rain is not as much concern for Oswego as it is down state.

“Not much rain here, like one and a half to three inches,” Patrick Cavlin, meteorologist for WTOP said. “There will be winds tonight into tomorrow, 55 miles per hour or higher on campus.”

Both Cavlin and Steiger said that power outages are to be expected in the area once the heavy winds begin. Flooding will be nonexistent or minimal.

“There could be flooding where there’s poor drainage,” Cavlin said. “Areas where the leaves are caught in the drainage pipes.”

Steiger says that campus grounds are well above the water level.

“No concern for flooding.” Steiger said. “The waves crash and will not be flooding campus.”

Steiger says that the worse times of the storm will be from dinner time tonight until around 2 a.m. Tuesday.

We will be updating through the night on Hurricane Sandy.


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