Oswego freshmen await first Halloween away from home

This year is going to be my first college Halloween. I am already hearing about where all the parties are, what everyone is going to be doing and of course all of the stress regarding what everyone is going to dress up as. I am noticing that the days leading up to the weekend prior to Halloween are very stressful for fellow students. It definitely is a bigger deal than I expected it to be.

I am not usually really that big on Halloween, but this year I am excited because of all the hype surrounding it. I like how everybody is going all out this year with costumes, parties and other hall activities related to Halloween. There are a lot more activities to take part in within the dorms than I expected, like Hall Murder, pumpkin carvings and Halloween parties.

I laugh at how people get worked up about what they are going to be for Halloween. Many people spend hundreds of dollars on costumes, which I find amusing because I didn’t think college students would be so concerned with costumes. I look forward to walking around campus and seeing students, and maybe even the staff in costumes. Who doesn’t want to see a professor decked out in a costume?

Of course there are going to be many parties off-campus, but I am more interested to find out what will be happening on campus. I have heard about a haunted house that Scales and Waterbury Halls will be creating for Halloween. Everyone should go to the events on campus before they go out, because let’s face it, a party is a party, but the dorm activities might be more interesting and will definitely be different from the typical party.

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