Campus Recreation Intramural Weekly Sports Update

The intramural soccer leagues men’s division held their championship games on Wednesday, Oct. 17 with Blood, Sweat and Beers competing against Team Swagger. Both teams held their own, as the game remained scoreless throughout most of the second half. Brandon Comden scored the single goal of the game in the last minute of regulation, bringing Blood, Sweat and Beers to victory.

Broomball continues to see high scores as the season progresses. The Tuesday, Oct. 16 game between Back Dat Pass Up and Vicious and Delicious was a blowout as Back Dat Pass Up scored five goals in the second period and added two more in the third period. The game ended 7-1

The resident life dodgeball tournament took place Sunday. Eleven teams competed in the tournament for a spot in the championship, which will be held Nov. 2 in Laker Hall.

Intramural badminton opened its season with three matches on Sunday. Games were open doubles, resulting in shutouts throughout the evening.

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