Halloween is an enjoyable time, filled with all the goodness expected from a holiday: candy, costumes, pranks and, of course, an excuse to celebrate. But with this joyous day approaching, students should be wary of the dangers this night filled with ghosts and witches could bring.

First things first, your costume makes your night, so you must plan accordingly. If the weather forecast looks cold and gloomy, that short skirt might not be the best idea. If a warm night awaits you, dressing up in that full-body costume may lead to heat stroke, not so fun. So try and keep your options open when it comes to picking your Halloween costume for the night, just in case Mother Nature does not agree with your outfit of choice.

Second, if you decide to drink on this magical night, stuffing your face full of candy may not be the greatest idea. Beer and mixers are chock full of calories, so by eating every Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in sight, you are just setting your stomach up for disaster. Save the candy for the next day; for all you know, that sugar may be the perfect cure if you do end up with hungover.

Whatever you may call it (Gate Night, All Hallow’s Eve, etc.) the night before Halloween has always been synonymous with pranking. Toilet-papering trees and egging houses may seem like all fun and games, but chances are that you will not be laughing when the Oswego Police Department comes to break up the fun. The truth is that these pranks are nothing more than vandalism and are a sure-fire way to have your name show up in next week’s police blotter.

Last, be careful if you decide to drink. A lot of fraternity houses and off-campus parties take advantage of this holiday by trying to get everyone as drunk as possible. If you are at one of these parties, you should be cognizant of where your cup is at all times. If you are drinking any sort of “jungle juice,” make sure that you know what is in it. But to be extra careful, bring your own drink so that you are 100 percent sure that what you are drinking will not lead to any unwanted outcomes.

Remember to be safe and have fun this Halloween. Stick with your friends to make sure that you do not do anything stupid and that they do not either. This is a fun time of the year that most people look forward to, so embrace the opportunities provided over the next two weekends, but remember to stay safe as well.


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