The Oswegonian is hectic on Thursday nights—and that is an understatement. Between writing, editing, layout, more editing and the plethora of other various tasks that consume our time, it takes a special group of college students to complete these tasks each week. But with our cohesive unit of writers and editors that work together, our crew is able to put out a brand new edition of your favorite Oswego State newspaper each week.

This year, a huge emphasis has been put on collaborating with the other media organizations, not just within each individual organization. That means that The Oswegonian, WNYO and WTOP are all working together to push each other to be the best that they can be. Whether you are talking about The Oswegonian radio show, WNYO/WTOP simulcasts or the huge election coverage that all three organizations are planning together, Oswego State’s media groups are helping to improve one another.

This should not just be limited to the media organizations. If you are in a club, whatever that club may be, try and reach out to another club to collaborate. You could do fundraisers together or even combine to put on an event that is twice the size of an ordinary event. Not only will this help you to meet more people throughout the Oswego State campus, this will help your organization grow. So get out there, team up with another club of your choice and help our campus’ organizations become the best that they can be.

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