Campus Rec sports update

After a successful season of intramural softball, Campus Recreation held its championships last week in the men’s competitive division and the co-rec competitive division.

The Expos and No Glove No Love fought in an offensive battle with high scoring innings for both teams. The Expos’ offense dominated, taking the championship 25-19.

In the co-rec competitive division, the @Mufasabros fought their own offensive battle against the Rolltiders. Taking the lead with four runs in the first inning, @Mufasabros secured a 9-4 win, winning the championship.

Playoffs are still underway for intramural outdoor soccer, with only a few teams left competing for a spot in the championship.

In the men’s competitive division, #ABunchofLosers had a memorable game, beating Bloodbath and Beyond 3-0. Nicholas Roney scored two goals, while YaDong Wang edged in the last goal, earning the win. Real Womp followed suit, beating the Foot Fairies 3-0. Notable players include Matthew Beisner with two goals and Matthew Ellis with one.

Goals in All Holes and FC MFP ended regulation time with a tied score of 1-1. A shoot-out proved Goals in All Holes the winners as Preston Krieger stepped up to the net, scoring two goals for a shutout in overtime.

Tuesday, Oct. 9 brought varied scores in intramural broomball. In the men’s competitive division, Anne Frank’s Army Tanks competed against O-Town Yuccas, shutting them out 9-0, for the highest score of the night. In a more equal competition, the Rolltiders played team Locked Out. With a tied score of 0-0 in the last period, Locked Out scored the lone goal of the game, winning 1-0.

Sunday’s games started and ended with exciting matches. In the co-rec competitive division, Kisses n Thugs battled Off Constantly, taking the game 4-0. The end of the night was exhilarating, as Pillow Flops scored five goals against Scoregasms for a shut-out of 5-0.

Flag football entered its playoff weekend Friday with teams competing in first round games for a chance to play in Saturday’s second round brackets.

The weekend started off with some anticipation as 19th Street Ganstas pulled away with four touchdowns in the first half against the Rams. Taking the lead in the first half, 19th Street Gangstas were able to secure a 38-0 victory. Another notable game, the 315 prevailed, ending their game against the Eskimo Brothers 45-7. Ending the night with some closer scores, Haters Gonna Hate defeated Ron, 34-15, and the Scoregasms took the win over Vick’s Pond, 24-19, with the closest score of the night.

Saturday’s games decided which teams would compete in Sunday’s semifinals and ultimately the championship. After being asked to come back for a third round on Saturday, Haters Gonna Hate and HELLHOUNDS would compete in the semifinals. The Guild and Delta Kappa Kappa were also asked to compete in a third round, making it to the semifinals on Sunday.

The HELLHOUNDS started the day off strong with a 25-6 win over Haters Gonna Hate. The Guild beat Delta Kappa Kappa, 46-6, leaving the No. 1 seeded team to compete against the No. 2 seeded team in the league. The Guild earned a two touchdown lead over the HELLHOUNDS at the end of the first half. The HELLHOUNDS fought back in the second half with a strong offense scoring two touchdowns for a tied game. In the last minute of the game, HELLHOUNDS managed a touchdown, ultimately sealing their victory and crowning them intramural flag football champions. The HELLHOUNDS took the championship for the second year in a row.

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