Wednesday’s Presidential debate had everything from docile moderators, creepy Romney smiles and even a Big Bird reference. But the most important question is this, how close is the race now?

Romney needed a big day and a poor showing from Obama to really take control of debate season and ultimately the election. And while many people are confident that Romney won the debate, it may be going too far to say that this is Romney’s race to lose now.

Sure, Gov. Romney was the more talkative of the two for the majority of the evening, but not everything he said was good. First off, he made moderator Jim Lehrer his own personal bridge, as he walked all over the PBS anchor. Romney repeatedly cut off the surprisingly calm Lehrer as the moderator tried to maintain the peace (but mostly the two minute talking limit). Romney insisted on getting the last word in almost every topic. He came off as more of a pompous jerk than a future president.

Secondly, most of Romney’s points were just numbers, thrown around aimlessly in the hope that someone would blindly grasp them and cast a vote for the Romney/Ryan camp. After his Big Bird gaffe, he should be focused more on letters (of the day) than on numbers.

Obama played it safe Wednesday night, which was a smart move on his part. He knew that Romney would talk to himself all night if that’s what it came down to and Obama played to his opponent’s weaknesses. He didn’t call Romney out on some of his most obvious fabrications, but the informed people watching the debate knew the truth.

We must remember that Obama is the U.S. President right now, which is a full time job. Romney’s full time job is running for President, so he obviously has had much more time to prepare. With everything going on in the world and all of the Presidential duties that take up Obama’s time, it is understandable why he should be focused on that, not a debate, and we should not hold that against him. After all, he did put his anniversary on hold for us.

It is important that we don’t put a blind eye to the elections. We are electing the person who will run the country for the next four years, who will be the figurehead of our nation, who plans on pulling our country out of an economic recession. No matter what, consider all of the points, all of the options and weigh the points made in the debates. These debates are set up to inform the people, and to enlighten us to the stances of the candidates.

In the next month, we will see three more debates, two from the Presidential candidates and one from the Vice Presidential candidates, an important part of the debates. We already saw how Romney contradicted Ryan, and we all know how Biden can be, so be sure to pay close attention to this debate. It will show us the relationship between the pairs.

Regardless of who won the debate on Wednesday, a lot will change by the time the polls open.


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