Obama’s fake appearance getting old

This election will go down in history as our defining moment: do we sit back and idly allow our freedom, traditions and our liberties that are guaranteed by our Constitution to be destroyed by President Obama and his administration?

Those on the left, liberal progressives, the media and Obama have deceived us. The “change” and “fundamental transformation” that Obama was selling in 2008 was that of tyranny, oppression and socialism. If given another four years, he will accomplish his goal.

The mainstream media will gather around their “messiah” Obama to cover up the lies and corruption of his administration. They will blind you from the truth in order to get Obama re-elected.

In an article by Steve McCann, he notes that Obama’s first-term goal was to make Congress irrelevant. Our government was designed to keep tyrants from becoming dictators by the use of checks and balances. What he has done is increase the power of his office by enacting laws by virtue of executive power.

In a revealing speech by Obama, he stated that he viewed “welfare recipients and the working poor, as a majority coalition to be mobilized to advance progressive policies.”

Is it no coincidence that we have the highest unemployment since 1982, and an 8 percent decrease in median household income since Obama took office?

The laws and policies this administration has enacted, by design, allow the government bureaucracy total control over the people by using ambiguous words open to interpretation.

The greatest tax hike in history will take place in January 2013, in which the blunt of the burden will rest on the middle class and working class poor. This tax hike is cleverly concealed in the monstrosity entitled the “Affordable Care Act,” more commonly known as ObamaCare.

In July 2012, Obama signed an executive order that gave him the power to shut down components of the Internet in the event of a crisis or national emergency. It was considered by some to be an “internet kill switch” and was marketed as a safety precaution for our infrastructure.

If the recent scandal “Fast and Furious,” had been successful, Obama could have issued an arms ban on American citizens. Obama and the media can cover up the facts and blame the Bush administration. However, it has been revealed that this was a program sponsored by the Obama administration.

Coincidence or conspiracy, the control of the economy, healthcare, Internet and the right to bear arms will allow for the forming of a dictatorship. This should be a concern for all.

Look at the global unrest, with the anti-American protests around the world and the current chaos in the Middle East. It was Ralph Emmanuel that stated “never let a crisis go to waste.” Could the recent attacks on our embassies be the crisis that will launch Obama from president to dictator?

According to an article by Dave Boyer of the Washington Times, Obama’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly was expected to explain how his gentle approach to pro-democracy movements in Muslim countries will be successful. This type of diplomacy makes our nation look weak and vulnerable.

This week, the United Nations held its General Assembly, in which the president of Iran called for the annihilation of the Zionists, referring to Israel and the West. Iran is calling for Muslims to unite and rise up against its enemies and form a one-world global leadership, a global caliphate in which the world will be ruled by Sharia law.

The threats against our country are real and are coming from outside as well as inside our government. Islamic extremist under the name of the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated our highest institutions under the Obama administration. This could lead to a crisis in which we will have to decide if we want to risk our morals, values and liberties for security. It was Benjamin Franklin who stated, “Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety.”

Obama cannot be given another four years to carry out his plan. We can stop him by voting for Mitt Romney on Nov. 6.

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